Nzoia Sugar Fc Fans Chairman George Kinuthia Sends Powerful Message After Bus Donation

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Nzoia Sugar Football Club fans’ chairman George Kinuthia has sent out a powerful message to the public, barely hours after President Uhuru Kenyatta on Wednesday donated Ksh. 2 million while flagging off the bus for the team bought by Devolution Cabinet Secretary (CS) Eugene Wamalwa.

In his statement to the public, Kinuthia has noted that the arrival of the bus is great news to the team, and all Nzoia Fc fans as it will help a lot in the movement of players while honouring Kenyan Premier League (KPL) fixtures and a ‘teaser’ to opponents.

“The arrival of the bus is great news for all Nzoia Fc Fans. It will first help the team in locomotion, which consumes a large amount of budgetary money. Secondly, the bus is also a bragging right signature, we can now tease our opponents who come to the match in PSV branded buses or Bodabodas,” he stated.

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The long-serving chairperson has further sent his appreciation to Devolution Cabinet Secretary (CS) Eugene Wamalwa, who kept his promise he had made back in 2017.

“On behalf of all Nzoia Fc Fans in Kenya, Africa, and the world at large, I thank Devolution CS Eugene Wamalwa for keeping the promise. I was in the crowd back in 2017 when he promised and I am happy the promise is now fruitful. I also thank the hardworking CEO of the Company, my friend CPA Michael Wanjala Makokha for follow up and topping up the 10%. We don’t take it for granted” Kinuthia said.

According to Kinuthia, research has shown that no KPL team with a functional bus has ever been relegated, while also no team has won the KPL title in the last 5 years without a bus. This, he added, also includes the team’s preparations including friendly matches.

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“Research all over shows, no KPL team with a functional bus has ever been relegated in the league and also shows no team has ever won KPL without a bus in the last 5 years. With the bus, the team will now be able to attend quality friendlies, I remember back in the days when the team was able to participate in tournaments in Uganda. I foresee a similar situation coming back” he said.

The fans’ chairperson has since urged residents within Bungoma county to “own and support” the team while challenging the County government under the tutelage of Governor Wycliffe Wangamati to give a helping hand to Nzoia Fc, which is the only club from Bungoma representing the county in the KPL.

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“I urge residents of Bungoma County to own the team, I also challenge the Bungoma County Government to support the team just like how Homeboyz Fc of Kakamega is being funded by Kakamega County. The County should now commit to fuel the bus for all away games of the team for the next 3 years as the company finds its footing again,” said Kinuthia.

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