Nzoia MD urges all stakeholders to turn up in large numbers for cane planting this Thursday

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Dubbed ‘Rapid Results Initiative’ (RRI), the Second phase of the mega cane planting project is set for this Thursday, 5th September at the company’s nucleus estate.

The Managing Director, CPA Michael Wanjala Makokha has urged all employees, farmers and the general public to join hands for the second phase of the RRI, after making the first phase successful.

“We launched our first RRI in the cane development project where we started to plant 1000 acres of sugarcane in one month. We did 45 acres during our first phase and we are targeting 102 acres on Thursday.”

The MD further added that all members of the public are welcomed, together with company employees, including himself.

Nzoia Sugar Company MD CPA Michael Wanjala Makokha (Centre) taking part in Rapid Results Initiative Phase one. Photo/Nzoia Sugar Ltd

“We are using volunteers and all company employees. I will be there myself and I urge them to come out earlier in large numbers, do their best and leave late.”

One of the main challenges the company has been facing is lack of raw material which is sugarcane. The company’s management therefore plans to plant sugarcane in all the furrow of the nucleus estate, which is estimated at about 2,500 acres. With the rains being prevalent presently, that has been noted as a good planting period with the MD targeting to plant up to October, before taking a break until March next year.

The Rapid Results Initiative is targeting 1000 acres a month of furrow land to plant Sugar Cane, giving the company enough raw materials. Photo/ Erick Amwayi

Early Payments

The MD has urged farmers to plant cane, with those whose cane is ready for harvesting promised early payments.

“For the new cane that I am harvesting, we will pay the farmers within a month, but it will be earlier, most likely. We have made efforts to get funding from the government and there is every indication that we will be getting the funds very soon. To the workers, I know we are in a very bad place, we don’t need to be here and we can get out as first as we can if they all cooperate. I am asking them to come earlier, work more and leave a little bit late as they play their part in transforming the company.”

Mr. Makokha also asserted that as the head of the company, he would be on the forefront to ensure that all resources are used well by applying them to the most optimal areas as he turns around the Mighty Nzoia Sugar Company.

Workers taking part in Cane planting during the first phase. The MD has urged them to unite and transform the company. Photo/Nzoia Sugar Ltd

Encouraging Support from the Public

The MD appreciated the encouraging support from members of the public who have shown their will to take part in the cane planting project.

“I am happy to report that the Boda Boda group from Nandolia and Bukembe have requested to be given land to plant. The Business community from Bukembe has also requested that we allow them to support us and Nzoia Sugar Fc team and fans have also made a request to take part. Nzoia Sugar is a community company and that’s why all members of the community are supporting us by playing a role in this transformation.”

Workers take a cup of porridge as they work on the Rapid Results Initiative Phase 1. Photo/Nzoia Sugar Ltd.

He also asserted that they have received support from the county governments of Bungoma and Trasn-Nzoia in terms of agricultural equipments and appreciates the two governors for their contribution.

To the farmers who have been uprooting sugarcane or selling to other companies, the MD has urged them to be patient as things are bettered around.

“Just like they took tea with Sugar this morning, I assure the farmers that we are working all round to ensure that we can comfortably crush and sell sugar without difficulties and that is my commitment to them.”

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