NTV’s Linus Kaikai Forced to Interrupt the Presidential Debate to Re-Introduce Himself 

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NTV’s Linus Kakai (left), Standard Media’s Joe Ogeyo (centre) and an aid before the Presidential Debate. 

By Simiyu Simiyu 

A little drama on the podium during the Presidential Debate this evening forced NTV’s Managing Director Linus Kaikai to interrupt the proceeding to re-introduce himself.

Mr Kaikai, who was also the moderator alongside Standard Media’s Joe Ogeyo, had to interrupt the National Super Alliance’s presidential candidate Raila Odinga’s replies to the audience in order to clarify his name.

The NASA leader was constantly referring to Kaikai as Joe, the name of Kakai’s co-moderator Joe Ogeyo.

As planned, the debate started with Linus Kaikai taking control of the first questions to Hon Raila Odinga. However, whenever the NASA leader was responding to the questions, he kept on referring to Kakai as Joe.

Time came and Kakai wouldn’t take it any more. “Mr Odinga, may I interrupt you and introduce myself again. My name is Linus Kaikai of NTV and my friend here is Joe Oyeyo.” Said Kakai. “So kindly refer to me as Kaikai. Am sorry a bit of make-ups makes as look alike.” He added amid laughters from the auditorium. 

Immediately Kakai gave the rectification, he asked Raila to respond to a question on security. This is how it went…

Kaikai: How sure are you about your claims?

Raila: Joe, I’m…

Kaikai: Kakai please.

Raila: (Laughing) You said you look alike? (Bursts into laughter again). That gives me an excuse to confuse your names.

As if that was not enough, the Opposition leader went ahead to refer to Kakai as Joe two more times with Kaikai still reminding him.

The Presidential Debate was being held at the Catholic University of East Africa in Nairobi and was televised live on all national broadcasters and several radio stations. 

The event, which was organised by Media Debate Council, was skipped by President Uhuru Kenyatta who had been invited to share the podium with Hon Raila Odinga.  

Earlier on, KTN’s Yvonne Okwara had moderated three other presidential candidates in the first session.

It was the second time Kenya was holding a presidential debate. The first one was in 2013.

According to the organisers, the debate was to give the Kenyan audience an opportunity to listen to the agenda of the whole presidential aspirants before the next general elections with only two weeks away.

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