NO More Medical Fraud: See What NHIF is Doing to Its Members 

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Members of the The National Hospital Insurance Fund (NHIF) will now be identified using fingerprints when seeking services at various health facilities, CEO Geoffrey Mwangi has confirmed. 

The fund has completed the biometric registration of all civil servants and is currently enrolling other members.

Biometrics is an automated method of identifying a person based mostly on physiological characteristics.

 When a client scans a fingerprint, for instance, the system determines whether the pattern of ridges and valleys in the image match the pattern in pre-scanned image.

This, he said, is in attempts to seal all the loopholes through which fraud occurs.

“We have completed the process for civil servants. At least 1,370 hospitals have been fitted with biometric kits. In future, if we are enrolling a facility, it will have to fit these kits,” Mwangi told The Star.

According to Mr Mwangi, the programme is expected to be completed by 2020 and will be applicable to new members.

Statistics show that the fund currently has close to 7 million principal members and serves about 19 million Kenyans.

“We hope to do 60 per cent of members by June next year.” He added.

Mr Mwangi also said the fund will be moving from one organisation to another taking biometric details.

 In 2015, the Kenyan insurance sector lost more tha Sh320 million through fraudulent claims. Notable deals during such fraud include medical officers billing for services not offered, duplicating claims, offering excessive or unnecessary services. 


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