Neuro-Spine Surgeries Now Available at LifeCare Hospital Bungoma

If you are within Bungoma and its environs, you will no longer need to travel long distances to bigger towns to access neuro-spine services. This is after LifeCare Hospitals Bungoma started offering such services this month.

In a response to this site, LifeCare Hospital Medical Superitendent Dr. Kevin Rombosia affirmed that the spine services are now available every 1st Friday of every month.

“In line with our commitment to provide high standards of healthcare services, we have established a Spine Clinic at LifeCare Hospitals Bungoma,” said Dr. Rombosia.

“This is being run by two highly qualified and experienced doctors; Dr. Lee Ogutha and Dr. Neema Mbaruku who are committed to help patients with back pain.”

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Dr. Lee is a Neurosurgeon and has practiced in various cities in Kenya including Nairobi, Kisumu and Eldoret while Dr. Neema is an Orthopedic surgeon practicing in Kisumu and Eldoret. She has also undertaken a fellowship at the Orthopaedie Chirurgie Munchen Institute in Germany.

The two are working jointly to provide high quality spine care services for patients under their care at LifeCare Hospital – a high class, experienced and a top-skilled medical foundation. The hospital is committed to providing first class healthcare of international standards to all individuals within Bungoma and extended areas.

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LifeCare Hospitals comprises of a panel of the finest nationwide and international healthcare experts, working in its state of art facilities in Kenya. They provide both inpatient and outpatient services and are accredited by the National Hospital Insurance Fund (NHIF), thus, spine patients can as well pay using their medical insurance cards.

For those cases such as nerve root compressions that may require decompression surgery as the definitive treatment, the 105-bed capacity facility will utilize their modular operation theatre to ensure the conduct of safe surgeries.

Ultra – Modern Radiology at LifeCare Hospitals

In order to enhance our diagnostic capacity, they have installed ultra-modern imaging services including a 16 – slice CT scan, a 1.5 Tesla MRI, digital x-rays and ultrasonography services.

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The introduction of spine services will now be a a relieve to residents who have been camping on roads to far towns in search of treatment.

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