NAIROBBERY- Hessy Wa Dandora and Crime Busters in The City Who Kill Without a Thought

The high crime rate in Nairobi has seen the growth of crime busters in the city including Hessy Wa Dandora, who corner the thieves and kill them without a thought.

Crime and urban life are always contiguous. Life in the urban areas is found to be hard after a series of toiling and moiling. It will require one to have money enough to cater for daily needs in the city.

Many find it hard due to scarcity jobs and they resort to crime. Some of them employ various modes of escapism like opting for drugs to suppress their feelings of being broke, unemployed, and having unfulfilled dreams.

A bitter pill to swallow in these hard times. This might explain the rampant cases of crime in Kenya’s capital, Nairobi city. The police have been vigilant to curb crime and despite their efforts, most of the criminals arrested are later found in the streets committing the same mistakes they had been arrested for.

Members of the public raised a lot of complaints about falling victims of criminals manning the city’s CBD and the outskirts day and night. Despite reporting to the police, they would find the same people coming back for their necks probably for revenge.

This led to the rise of crime busters who are a merciless lot. Their mantra seems to be “Shed blood on sight” because they have never spared any person. They are a gun-wielding group who post and boast publicly on their social media accounts of how they cornered their victims and are now lying in cold blood.

They normally post gory images of dead victims lying on the ground in a pool of blood. Further, they give a message to their next victims promising them a send-off to their creator if they don’t change their criminal activities.

According to them, posting such images on Facebook will send a message and scare other criminals making them change. Many of the killed criminals are found with dangerous weapons such as machetes, pistols of various designs, and other crude weapons.

The crime busters resorted to never forgiving such criminals. They claim that forgiving them will never change anything and will only make them come for you later.

They also blame the police for releasing such criminals when they are arrested. This, therefore, seem to justify their jobs of killing the criminals on sight.

The Thika ATM 72M Heist mastermind Vincent Owuor who was a Kenya Police officer was recently murdered in cold blood by the group.

According to them, Owuor continued to terrorize members of the public after being released on Ksh 500,000 bond. ” The individual (Owuor) came back ‘kuhangaisha’ raia on a hired motorbike. One of the individuals targeting and killing officers, later stealing their guns.

But today was his 40th-day. Let him quarantine in hell….,” read a Facebook post by one of the members. The crime busters seems to have started a selfless endeavor to help the locals mostly who had been fed up by rampant crime in estates and the CBD.

Some of the criminals went to their social media accounts to show off their loot and how they do not fear anything. The crime busters would then warn them of dire consequences if they do not change their ways.

The crime busters have posted dozens of victims on their social media pages, lying in cold blood with a message that they can’t stop killing them. The seemingly bloodthirsty group who have remained anonymous but use pseudo- names or pet names on their social media accounts normally challenge and bust Human Rights activists against questioning their actions.

They use names such as Eden Blacksir, Saigon the Punisher Hessy wa Dandora, Hessy wa Kayole, Wendy Black Panther among others. The group operates in the city just to help curb the rising crime.

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Felix Yahil is a media enthusiast and a human rights defender. He is currently studying at Laikipia University and a Chairperson of the Human Rights Club.

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