Mwendawazimu? Musician Embarambamba Hits 8 Million Views on YouTube

Rising Kisii gospel-based musician Embarambara, real name Christopher Nyangwara Mosioma, has now hit over 8 million views on his official YouTube channel.

The singer, born in Keroka, Nyamira county, has in recent weeks been the source of comedy for Kenyans who have been relieved off the stress brought about by the tough economical times fuelled by the worst regime in Kenyan history- the Jubilee government.

His channel, which was opened in October 2015, has been growing in recent weeks, with a subscription of  76.8k members and a viewership of 7.8 million by the time of publication.

The father of five has also been seizing the opportunistic fame he is enjoying across the Kenyan social media space, by producing back to back songs including the recent one, where he was almost hit by a motorbike while shooting his video along a busy Nairobi highway.

While many Kenyans ( majority of whom think they have “class” after finishing college and getting monthly paying jobs) have been criticising Embarambamba for his mwendawazimu styles, the singer is making use of every single attention he is getting from the distressed public to build his career.

The I was Confused hitmaker who started working under Mr Ong’eng’o, another famous Kisii artist, recently revealed in an interview with the Nation that he quit the secular world for gospel music when he had a dream in which God told him to go and start singing because he was alive and God was also in existence.

He also stated that his crazy dancing moves which have seen him labelled Mwendawazimu are influenced by the holy spirit which gives him extra strength to make the moves.

Through his name, other content creators have also been able to gain a share of his popularism by attracting thousands of viewers in their channels.

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