Misikhu Girls Principal on the Spot for Suspending Student Who Made ‘Noise’ in Class

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A wall bearing the name of St Cecelia Girls High School – Misikhu. PHOTO/Courtesy 


A Form Two Guardian at St. Cecelia Girls’ High School – Misikhu is crying foul after the Principal suspended a student for allegedly making noise in class.

Though she acknowledges that making noise in class is punishable, the guardian says sending the Form Two girl at home for two weeks was a harsh punishment for the learner.


Last week, the school’s Deputy Principal allegedly suspended a group of five girls after finding them making noise in class. 

It is said that the students walked on foot for almost ten kilometers because they didn’t have bus fare, thus, jeopardising their safety. A teacher from the same school spotted them on a high-way and gave them a lift in her car.

One of the students whose name we are allowed to protect because she is still a minor went direct to her home in Matulo village along Webuye-Bungoma highway to inform her grand father who has been acting as her guardian since she was admitted in the school last year. 


It’s noted that since her single mother, who stays in Thika, lost her job, her health has been worrying making it difficult for her to travel to Bungoma and attend to her daughter. 

Due to the financial situation the girl’s mother is facing, her aunt was fortunate to pay her entire school fees and even exceeded by Ksh10,000 which should be carried forward to next year. 

What is disturbing the guardians is that after the girl had stayed at home for the required one week, her grand father, a former Kenya Airways staff and who is also a board member at the same school, was turned away by the School Principal Mrs Beatrice Liambila for not being the girl’s biological father. 


When this writer reached out to the Principal via phone, the school head refused to comment on the issue and only insisted that parents or guardians that have been recorded in the school database are the only ones allowed to the school on matters affecting the children.

“Those guardians you are referring to are not the real parents of the child. In fact, we didn’t suspend the girls; we only sent them home for parental guidance.” She said.

The family has dismissed the Principal’s allegations saying that it’s the aunt and the grandfather that are appearing in the school database as the girl’s guardians and wonders why the Principal is sending the grandfather away.

They also wonder why the principal could give a whole week for a ‘parental guidance’. 

As this continues, the Form Two girl who scored a B plain in their previous exams is in the village nursing her step-sister who is suffering from a brain tumor. 

The guardians are now asking the Principal to set the record clear instead of keeping the girl away from the school during this examination period. 

“If there’s any other offence that our child committed at school apart from making noise in class, why can’t the principal just tell us instead of torturing the child who has already apologised and now shading tears all the time?” Asked her aunt who works in Nairobi. 

“Even if our child made noise in class, wasn’t there any other way of administering discipline other than sending away the kid for this long?”.


A number of Schools heads and teachers that Wakajuanes.Com has spoken to have denied the fact that making noise in class can warrant a suspension from a school.

“Unless a student has had a series of other chronic behaviours at her school, we cannot chase away a student for merely making noise in class.” Said a Principal of a different school in Bungoma County. 

The family is now calling upon the Ministry of Education headed by Cabinet Secretary Amina Mohamed to intervene. 





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