Meet Vincent Omondi, Kenya’s Youngest Referee whose dream is to officiate the World Cup

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To identify and nurture talents has been one of the major factors ailing the growth of Kenyan sports industry, since many talents have gone unnoticed.
Kenyan referees have also never been so  much into limelight except for a few, who have made it to international levels. Destiny however shapes future for 16 years old Vincent Omondi, famously known as ‘Omosh’, who hails from Nzoia Sugar in Bungoma county.
The young lad will be completing his Kenya Certificate of Secondary Education(KCSE) at Ingotse High School this year, and his passion and love for football game has seen him rise up quickly including being the centre referee in a couple of county tournaments.
Journey to refereeing
Omondi recalls how his dream journey started two years ago, when he was watching a local match.
“It was back in 2017 when I had gone to watch a local football tournament and one linesman had not arrived. It was then that the centre referee, Matthias Onyango, told me to be the lineman. I trusted myself and I officiated that match well and it is from there that I began officiating lots of matches and last year (2018), I was privileged to be the centre referee in the ward finals between Nzoia Sportiff fc and Mbuni Fc. I have also got calls to officiate other county tournaments  but I will be going back to school” says a vibrant Omondi.
He goes on to reveal that it has never been an easy journey though, as he recalls many setbacks he has faced including opposition from his family members. “At first, it was very difficult for the rest of my family to imagine that I would become a referee, they resisted but I was consistent until they believed in me and now they always support me.”
Credits to his journey
Omondi doesn’t hesitate to appreciate the support he has got from his role model, James Wandera, a KPL referee who has been guiding him all through including giving him uniforms, boots and regular guidance. He also appreciates Nzoia Sportiff trainer Matthias Onyango who gave him the first opportunity to start this journey.
Being close to Nzoia Sugar Fc has also helped him get the proper nurturing and he appreciates the efforts of  Evans Kadenge and Yappets Mokua, who are the Team Manager and Chairman of Nzoia Sugar Fc respectively. His regards also go to the management, players and fans of Nzoia Sportiff Fc.
Call for support
Due to complete his secondary school studies later this year, Omondi calls for support from well wishers who can help him achieve his dream.”It is my humble request to anyone out there who is in a position to help me, because it is my dream to become a referee and I need boots,uniform and also any school fees support because when I finish form 4, I want to join a refereeing school and learn more about this career” says Omondi.
Omondi‘s dream is to officiate the 2026 World Cup and 2024 African Cup of Nations.

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