Martha Karua: Raila Odinga Should Decide Whether he is in Opposition or With The Government

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Former Member of Parliament (MP) for the Gichugu Constituency and Minister of Justice Martha Wangari Karua has now asked former Prime Minister and Orange Democratic Movement (ODM) Party Leader Raila Odinga to make a decision on whether he is in the opposition or with the government.

Karua made the sentiments while speaking to NTV, where she was reacting to the recent happenings in the country, especially the political sphere where the opposition has been said to be in bed with the government, therefore failing to play their role of opposition as guided by the Constitution.

“The outcome of the unofficial arrangement between ODM and Jubilee is unconstitutionally and untenable re-ordering of parliament. Our Constitution is very clear, there will be a majority party and a minority party and a minority party means the second-largest party. The role of ODM in parliament is the minority party, and their members are holding the minority party posts and collecting packs for those posts yet not delivering to Kenyans,” Karua stated.

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According to Karua, there is no problem whatsoever with Raila Odinga having a handshake with President Uhuru Kenyatta, but even with the unity pact, he must decide whether he is in opposition or with the government and not both as his party is doing, having their cake and eating it.

“It is okay to have a handshake, it is okay to have a unity of purpose, but you have to decide whether you are in opposition or government. If you are in government, form a coalition so that the next minority party can be identified in parliament. But now, ODM is having their cake and eating it” she said.

Karua further questioned why ODM Party legislatures are holding the minority party position, while at the same time behaving as if they are in the government, articulating policies more than Jubilee members themselves, while Odinga is also articulating government agenda better that President Uhuru Kenyatta himself.

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“They are holding the position of minority party while behaving as the government. If you listen in parliament the people articulating government policy, the largest are in ODM, not Jubilee, and outside of parliament, former Prime Minister is the one who articulates the government policies better than president Uhuru Kenyatta,” Karua noted.

This, she says, should not happen and Odinga and his party should be honest with Kenyans and choose their stand, rather than having a leg on both sides.

“That is having their cake and eating it. I am challenging them at this 10th anniversary of the Constitution, that let them be honest with Kenyans; be in government or opposition but don’t have a leg in each. Form a coalition government and we will understand so that even if it is a party of 3 people it becomes a minority party in parliament” she said, adding that there is no need for them to hold both positions if they can not deliver.

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“Do not hold both positions while you are not delivering as opposition. We lack accountability and parliament is not playing its role. The party with the foremost responsibility is the minority party and ODM has let Kenyans down. They don’t know where they are in government or opposition, they play both and that is untenable,” Karua said.


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