Makhanu Leads Residents in Calling on Wangamati to Crack the Whip over COVID-19 Scandal

MEDIA: Mzee Maurice Makhanu (2nd right) being consulted by Senator Wetang’ula (right) Woman Rep Catherine Wambilianga and Bumula politician Jack Wamboka (left). PHOTO/FILE

Former PC Maurice Makhanu has asked Bungoma Governor Wycliffe Wangamati to walk tall and crack the whip in his administration following the alleged Covid-19 scandals.

This is after the efforts made by the County to curb the spread of the Coronavirus have been met with claims of corruption and embezzlement of funds that has robbed in key county officers.

In a sample of series of chats across various social media platforms, the residents demanded for sobriety in the Wangamati administration.

“Some of us have been in government system and know there is no possibility go deliver all campaign promises in the short run, I can see Governor Wangamati delivering substantial pledges to our Great County. However, I want to see him crack the whip on errant officers some who left other public service jobs with intentions to loot funds in the poorly managed counties” Mzee Makhanu.

Former KRA Director Evans Kakai also added his voice, asking for a forensic audit on the latest developments.

“By the way I have a solution to put this matter to rest for the benefit of all of us. I dare bring to your attention that I have the competence and capacity to carry out a forensic audit over this matter on a CSR basis. Can Lawyers ascertain a constitutional framework within which this mandate can be bestowed upon me to clear the air once for all. We cannot continue pointing fingers, we want our Governor to have peace.” said the senior professional auditor.

“Time tested strategy must involve: admission of crisis but deflect the cause to a few persons in the circle.. one or two of them must be jettisoned or sanctioned of asked to step aside.. it purchases allies not just in your base.. are to be looked for.. courted.. pursued.. cultivated and maintain.(it’s expensive) to replace much needed vote energy lost from the polarity within Ford Kenya” Lawyer Henry Makhakara.

Libimba nawenya lione orundura want to heal a boil, burst it. Wangamati is a politician and a true politician brooks no friends. He invests in his interests. Until WWW calls a spade by its name, people will believe the rumours. Omwami (Wangamati) tell your people the truth even if it kills your friends.” Anonymous

Cofek boss Stephen Mutoro also added:

“Its therefore proper, urgent and timely that Governor Wycliffe Wangamati moves with speed to take requisite administrative action against all those found culpable by way of commission or ommission. This is particularly true for senior officers of the County who were said to have allowed “borrowing” or allowing fund movements between appropriated vote-heads without involving the County Assembly. Mr Wangamati rode an anti-corruption zero tolerance in reference to the previous regime. It cannot be that he will watch helplessly and allow the people who should be held responsible try to casually reduce the shame and bad image of our county to usual catfights on Facebook.” Stephen Mutoro-COFEK

With the matter all over the media, Bungoma Governor came out and defended the efforts while terming the criticisms as politically motivated.

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This left Bungoma people with more questions while also exposing the disparities in the county leadership. There is a tendency of County documents leaking while the Communication has been slow and delayed.

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With this confusion, stakeholders across Bungoma have called for the Governor to take a political decision and whip some of his officers who seem to be part of the said scandal. Led by Former Provincial Commissioner Maurice Makhanu of Bumula, they believe the governor is entertaining some officers who are hurting his leadership.

Across various media platforms, local radio stations and in limited physical interactions, residents are calling on the Governor to suspend, reorganize or disband the various office holders involved. This they believe will not only restore perception in the county but also instill team work spirit in the leadership.

It remains to be seen how the defiant County CEO will handle the already escalating matter considering the history of scandals in Bungoma county and the politics with it.

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