“Magufuli” Warns Wangamati for Being a Jubilee Mole

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Bungoma Gubernatorial candidate on ODM ticket Hon Alfred Khang’ati aka Maghufuli, addresses his supporters during the launch of his campaign manifesto yesterday at Bungoma Posta Grounds.

Mr Khang’ati is relating his character to that of Tanzanian President John Pombe Maghufuli.

Bungoma gubernatorial aspirant Alfred Khang’ati has vowed to send home all his opponents, accussing them of being Jubilee sympathizers.

Hon Khang’ati, who is vying for the seat on an Orange Democratic Movement (ODM) ticket assured his supporters of overwhelming victory in the August 8 elections.

Speaking at the Bungoma Posta Grounds yesterday during the official launch of his campaign manifesto, the self-proclaimed “Maghufuli” warned his competitors against underrating him, saying he is the only genuine candidate who stands for the plight of the residents.

Mr Khang’ati is relating his character to that of Tanzanian President John Pombe Maghufuli.

“I am the only genuine candidate in this race. These others are Jubilee moles and we all know what Jubilee stands for, right?” Mr Khang’ati poised amid cheers from his supporters.

Earlier on, Khalaba Ward legislator and ODM’s county Secretary Majimbo Okumu had played a short audio in which Ford Kenya aspirant Wycliffe Wangamati is said to be urging people of Mt Elgon to vote for him as the Governor and Uhuru Kenyatta as the president.

“…I urge you to vote for me as your Governor but you can vote for Uhuru Kenyatta if you want.” Said the voice in the audio which Hon Majimbo claimed it belonged to Wycliffe Wangamati.

Addressing the fairly attended rally in the evening, Maghufuli revived the audio claims and accussed the business man of hypocrisy and lacking a firm stand.

“As a leader, you must make a strong and firm stand. You can’t claim to be in NASA and support Uhuru Kenyatta as the President instead of Rt Hon Raila Odinga.” Said Maghufuli.

However, Hon Wangamati did not respond to this writer when contacted to confirm the audio claims by the time of publishing this article.

The audio allegations could be a medicine-medicine-for-fire for the Wangamati camp which was the first to claim Khang’ati is a Jubilee mole.

Maghufuli is facing Wycliffe Wangamati and the incumbent governor Ken Lusaka who is vying on President Uhuru’s Jubilee ticket and Amani National Congress’ Stephen Mutoro.

He promised to end corruption, build roads and improve both the education and health sectors in Bungoma County if elected.

He was accompanied by Kakamega Governor Hon Wycliffe Oparanya, who is also the ODM’s Deputy Party leader, his wife Mrs Mary Khang’ati, his running mate Radcliffe Nangalama, Senatorial aspirations on ODM ticket Bonnie Wayne Nyongesa  (Bungoma), Seth Panyako (Kakamega), Bungoma Women Rep aspirants Kelan Wabomba (ANC), Consolata Wakwabubi (Independent), among others.

Gov Oparanya urged the residents of Bungoma to elect Hon Alfred Khang’ati as their Governor if they want serious development.

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