Magufuli on the Spot as Tanzania “Hides” Covid-19 Data

Tanzanian President John Pombe Magufuli. IMAGE/FILE
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(MEDIA: Tanzanian President John Pombe Magufuli. IMAGE/FILE)

Tanzanian President John Pombe Magufuli has again attracted the international eye after his country failed to submit the latest COVID-19 data.

Tanzania has not released any data on Covid-19 cases in the country since April 29.

The move has forced the American Embassy in Tanzania to warn its citizen in the Country of the danger of contracting the coronavirus.

In a press release by the embassy and seen by Wakajuaness..Com, American citizens living in Tanzania have been warned of the high risk of contracting Covid-19 as Tanzania’s government remains silent on the number of infections in the country.

“The risk of contracting Covid-19 in Dar es Salaam is extremely high. Despite limited official reports, all evidence points to an exponential growth of the epidemic in Dar and other locations in Tanzania,” read a statement from the US Embassy.

The Department of State issued a Global Level 4 Health Advisory for Covid-19 urging Americans with emergencies to visit their websites and adhere to safety measures in order to avoid contracting the virus since many hospitals in Tanzania had been overwhelmed in recent weeks.

“The Embassy has strongly recommended that US government personnel and their families remain at home except for essential activities (e.g., grocery shopping),” it said.

However, it ruled out any plans to repatriate their citizens from the country in the coming days but urged them to remain optimistic.

“US citizens who remain in Tanzania should be prepared to remain abroad for an indefinite period. The US government does not anticipate arranging additional repatriation flights in Tanzania at this time,” the Embassy said.

President Magufuli has been accused of consistently downplaying the number of coronavirus infections in the East African country.

On May 3, he questioned the accuracy of the tests after he said the fruits and inanimate objects that he had had secretly sent to the country’s main laboratory had come back positive for Covid-19.

The president called for an investigation in what he suspected is a “dirty game” at the laboratory. “The equipment or people may be compromised and sometimes it can be sabotaged,” Magufuli said.

Currently, the number of confirmed cases in Tanzania is stuck at 509 among them 21 deaths and 183 recoveries.

It is not clear if indeed the numbers are genuinely stuck because there are no more cases of the figures are alarming that the President is reluctant to share.

(Additional info: The Standard).

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