Lusaka’s Bukusu Sheng Erupts the Internet; Now Comes into Reality 

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Kenneth Makelo Lusaka, the first Governor of the County Government of Bungoma today became the second Speaker of the Senate under the new constitution, replacing David Ekwee Ethuro who garnered 25 votes against the winner’s 42.

The Senate Speaker-elect Ken Lusaka is now not only in charge of the Senate House but also the “father” of a new language in town – Bukusu Sheng’.

Prior to today’s election, Lusaka was vying to defend his seat as the governor of Bungoma County but lost with a gap of 20,000 votes to actuarial Wycliffe Wafula Wangamati.

But the most hilarious highlight during his campaign less than two weeks to the August 8 election is when he addressed his supporters in a mixture of Swahili and the region’s native Bukusu language. Bungoma County, where Hon Lusaka hails from, is mainly inhabited by the Bukusu sub tribe of the populous Luhya community.

“Lubaso lwa sita lunasema hivi (Verse Six states this way…” Lusaka started amid electrifying laughters from the supporters.

Njia yao itakuwa na bumiumu na itamalia ti (Their path will become slippery and will see total darkness)”. He added.

“Na ngelosi ya Wele itanipigania na wataona bimwemwe huko mbele, Bwana asifiwe (and God’s star will fight for me and they will see fire flies ahead, praise the Lord).” He joked, apparently referring to his then toughest challenger, Mr. Wangamati of Ford Kenya party.

As if that was not enough to mock the opponent, Lusaka went ahead to further assure his supporters that Mr Wangamati would never beat him under whichever circumstance. 

Mala kakhaba bali esabu endumee, kijana WW anyala akhupa asi ekura? (Even if Mathematics is difficult, can this boy WW beat me in an election surely)? 

“… sasa ndio ninesikikha (I’ve now erected the roots).

However, the mockery was not enough to salvage him from the strong wave of Mr Wangamati who went ahead to floor him in a hotly contested race.

Fast-forward to today, social media users stormed on the internet to hail praises for the new speaker after being confirmed the new Senate leader.

Hundreds of his supporters flocked major streets in Bungoma town with boda boda operators hooting endlessly as they chanted his name.

Yet the popular phrase “the internet never forgets” came into reality today.

Maryam Barasa wrote on her Facebook wall: “Ngelosi ya Wele imetuonekania na wameona bimweme. Bravo Hon Ken Lusaka.”

Another ardent supporter of the speaker, René Descartes posted: “…KLM the boss of all Senators. Ngelosi ya Wele inajua watu wake (God’s star knows its people).” 

Then Simon Barasa added: “Njia zao sasa simemalia ti, wanaona bimweme all the way. Ngelosi ya wele imeamua (Their paths are now deeply dark all the way; God‘s star has decided.”

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