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  • Sat. Jul 24th, 2021

List of Top Artists in Bungoma and their Youtube Following


Feb 26, 2021

(From left to right: Artists Steve Kay, Nekesa Khalayi and Choffuri Official. GRAPHICS/SIMIYU WAKAJUANESS)

Bungoma has been known for producing amazing talent in the entertainment industry. Not all of them have featured on mainstream media but the current digital world has enabled them to place their work available for online consumption.

The most popular platform many artists are using to sell their content in Youtube.

In our post today, we feature some of the selected ones and how they have performed so far on their channels.

Some artists are missing because we were not able to trace their official channels but we shall update this page once we get more information.

Our selection included their subscriptions and total views attained on their channels so far (in no particular order).

1. Choffuri TV – 57.2k (12,491,266 views) –

The celebrated comedian who relays his comedy in Bukusu language has gained millions of following on Youtube and Facebook, earning him hundreds of thousands in royalties.

2. Nekesa Khalayi – 2.78k (121,012 views)

The Hello hit maker has established herself as one of the fastest-growing female artists in Bungoma and who has ben doing cover songs in Bukusu language.

3. Steve Kay – 21.6k (3,966,482)

Arguably the biggest Luhya artist on the music arena, the Wambumuli himaker has a remained consistent in the industry, releeasing at least a hit on a monthly basis.

4. Micah Wanyenje – 1.78k (176,476)

One of the fastest-rising star in the Bukusu music, the Simbula Ndole Emayeye hitter has become the darling of the people with his music rocking the waves at local and city joints.

5. Lillyanne Kawa – 981 (52,628)

You have probably watched the video of the song Kendda Nenase doing rounds on Whatsapp and Facebook status with the singer dressed in a crystal white African outfit alone on a road, but little may you have known that that is Lilian Kawa. The gospel singer is one of the established artists that has left many asking for more.

6. Carolyne Namuenge – 1.09k (29,970)

Branded the “Bukusu Darling,” the Bungoma-born artist’s latest hit Happy Birthday has received accolades from the musicspheres with the song on the verge of replacing big bongo themes in the local birthday events.

7. Smith Boy – (92,430 views)

Alinitoa mbaaali, kufikapo nilipo, waniona nikiimba, ilikuwa si rahisi! That is Smith Boy in one of his very first gospel singles that have remained a favourite to many in the gospel indudstry. The artist also runs a Children’s Home in Musikoma.

8. Chris Kanya – 1.16k (21,808)

Talk of Wamunyonyeez, wamuliombeez, The Boy In Love has focused on Bukusu R n B that has earned him thousands of female fans who stage song challenges out of his music on their social media status. The song Nenawe is one of the well-received in these streets.

9. Mercy Manywe – 564 (13,822)

You cannot mention the female artists in Bungoma without mentioning the Ethiopian-based artist whose hit Fikiria is a big tune as well.

10. Jubal 254 – 1.22k (44,408)

He has made a good pair while featuring Nekesa Khalayi in the song Hallo released during the Corona pandemic. He has established himself as one of the most promising artists from town.

11. Alice Lisa – 2.64k (47,336)

Also one of the promising female artists, Alice Lisa has accumulated over 47,000 views from her music which continues to attract more and more fans to her pages.

12. Khoja Local – 4.76k (329,852)

He started like a joke by posting his hilarious clips on Youtube and WhatsApp status only to gain more following to his page. The comedian has since landed various marketing deals among them the hilarious Western Toast advert from Salama Bakery.

13. Storm Dwarchild – 824 (15,616)

A communications Officer for the Kanduyi MP Wafula Wamunyinyi, Peter Oteng’ has not sidelined his music talent, with his recent hit Popo idolizing dance queen Azziad Nasenya making rounds on blogs.

14. DJ Vycek- 666 (142,538)

The former Bungoma High School Entertainment Prefect has since gone ahead to nature his talent on the deck and is currently one of the mos-sort DJs in town.


15. Don Melunar Official – 11,096 views

Many believe that the artist should be trading on international level due to his unique prowess in the industry.

16. Bungoma Finest – 2.02k (56,541 views)

Another creative content creator, film director and teacher by profession, Bungoma Finest has accumulated 0.05 million views on his channel which has kept on entertaining fans from across the divide due to his choice of language.

17. Wamocha – 2.5k (244,194)

Joined in Nov, 2018, Wamocha has kept on entertaining fans through his channel which has accumulated over 0.2 million viewers so far.





Simiyu Wakajuaness is the founder of this news site, a scriptwriter, actor and stage director with ardent passion in media and public relations in this digital world. Follow him on Twitter and Facebook.