Law Makers or Criminals? Kenyan Police on the Spot Again Over Mathare Killing

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The National Police Service of Kenya is yet again on the spot after police allegedly shot dead a homeless man in Mathare, Bondeni area on Monday night, during the curfew hours.

According to details raised by some of the people who took to the streets to protest the murder, the late, identified by his nickname as Vaite, works as a loader in Marikiti but sleeps in the streets of Mathare at night.

The latest killing goes a long way in putting the Kenyan police on the headlines yet again for the wrong reasons, after them being on the spot in using excessive and humiliating force in duty.

For instance, during the curfew a long, the Kenya police have been spotted not once or twice, in photos and videos harassing innocent Kenyans and using excessive force.

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So worsening and brutal is the situation, that a police seen doing something ‘good’ will get prise from the public. Amidst all these police brutality, the government has not been keen on protecting the lives of its citizens.

For instance, one of the bodies on the spot is the Independent Police Oversight Authority (IPOA) tasked to investigate deaths and serious injuries caused by police action, monitoring, reviewing, and auditing investigations and actions by internal affairs unit of the police.

They are also mandated to conduct inspections of police premises, monitor and investigate policing operations, and deployment. However, the body has not made considerable measures to help put law-breaking police to face the law.

On Sunday, Charles Mwenda who hails from Tigania in Meru was forced to spend a night on the road with the remains of her wife who had died from cancer, after a run-in with the police.

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Taking to social media, Mwenda, in a Facebook post, narrated the saddening ordeal at the hands of the police.

He was in the company of several family members who were headed to Meru for his late wife’s funeral. Prior to making the journey home, Mwenda said he had obtained all the necessary documents and had even undergone a coronavirus test just to be sure.

With the lawful documents in hand,  Mwenda crossed police barriers from Malindi until he got to the Meru-Tharaka Nithi border. It is around 11 pm on Thursday, May 28 when they were stopped by police officers manning the blockade.

The family members were forcefully returned to Malindi, while he was taken and left at Kanjai police station with the body of his wife at the roadside. He was forced to spend the entire night in the cold, with the casket containing his wife’s remains keeping him company.

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When it started raining, Mwenda covered the coffin with a piece of paper before pulling it under a lorry that had been packed at the station.

Those are just some of the few cases which have been highlighted under police brutality in Kenya.

Is it a crime to be poor in Kenya? Because justice seems to only serve the powerful ones.

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