Kikuyu Tycoons’ Plot to Ditch Ruto Ahead of 2022 Now Revealed

(H.E William Ruto while being sworn in as Kenya’s Deputy President in 2013. (PHOTO: File).

Betrayal in the City? Yes, but this time, not Francis Imbuga’s hilarious play!

Kenya’s Deputy President William Ruto may be preparing to be sworn in as Uhuru Kenyatta’s deputy for the second and last time on Tuesday as part of his quest for big seat come 2022 but that now hangs in the air after revelations that Mount Kenya region is planning to ditch him when President Uhuru Kenyatta’s ten years reign finally comes to the end.

This follows allegations that an influential cloud of Kikuyu elites is already plotting to ditch Deputy President William Ruto ahead of 2022 presidential election.

Sources privy to the proceedings have shared with Wakajuaness.Com that the Mt Kenya region, as it’s politically known to be occupied by Kikuyus, is not willing to hand over power to Deputy President William Ruto, and instead, is contemplating on retaining power within the region.

“A number of these [Kikuyu leaders] are against William Ruto taking over from Uhuru and are already working on a long term plan to have the community ditch Ruto.” Said an insider who requested for anonymity.

The source also leaked to us that the said cartels have the history of doing anything to achieve their motive.

“These are the kind of people who mean business; when they say you are the president, you become one. When they say you can’t be, you can’t.”

Duos background

Though Mr Ruto and his boss had known each other since their youthful days, the duo came together in 2012 while forming a coalition between their respective United Republic Party (URP) and The National Alliance (TNA) ahead of the 2013 general election.

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Fresh from being indicted at the ICC for crimes against humanity during the 2007/2008 post-election violence where the two were in opposing camps, Mr Kenyatta and Ruto joined hands in the famous Afraha Declaration in Nakuru to defeat the CORD coalition led by perennial Opposition leader Raila Odinga.

As part of  their MoU, Ruto was to support Uhuru for ten years after which the later would scratch his back in return.

On 28th Tuesday next week at around 11:40am, Mr Ruto will have fully achieved the task of convincing his Kalenjin community in supporting President Uhuru Kenyatta twice, an idea that pundits dismissed before it was even born.

Fear of losing government deals

But reports are now emerging that the Kikuyu billionaires who are known to shape the presidential politics especially in the past two decades are now secretly plotting to ditch Ruto for one of their own for fear of losing multi-billion government deals.

This will catch Kenyans by surprise after Ruto’s selfless sacrifice to support Uhuru for a decade.

However, since Kenya’s independence half a century ago, the Kikuyu community is understood to only support one of their own in the presidential elections: Kennedy Matiba again President Moi, Mwai Kibaki and now Uhuru Kenyatta.

Un-swayed Kikuyus

It will be remembered that in 2002, Raila Odinga supported Mwai Kibaki, hoping that he’d get the same support in 2007. However, Kibaki still vied against Raila and the controversial results cost the lives of 1,133 civilians and 600,000 others displaced from their homes.

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Mr Odinga accepted the Prime Minister’s post as mediated by the former UN Secretary-General Koffi Annan. When Kibaki retired, many expected the Kikuyu community to this time now support Raila Odinga, who is a Luo, but they went for another of their own – Mr Uhuru Kenyatta.

It’s this trend that has made pundits and social media users to question the honesty of the populous Mt Kenya region on Ruto’s support come 2022.

Kabogos eyeopener

Red signals have already blinked when early last year, the then Kiambu Governor William Kabogo was captured by tv cameras purporting that Ruto should not take the Kikuyu’s support as a guarantee, insisting that the Kikuyu community will need ‘strong convincing’ from Ruto in order to think about it.

“It’s not a guarantee [supporting Ruto] in 2022,” said Hon Kabogo in a media briefing.

“We shall have to be fully convinced to think about supporting him. Nothing comes easy.”

Kabogo’s comments caused controversy on social media and tv stations invited batteries of political analysts with most of them sympathizing with deputy President William Ruto.

But when URP joined TNA to form Jubilee Party, Mr Ruto replaced the party’s Secretary-General Raphael Tuju in taking charge of the nomination process that saw Kabogo and Peter Kenneth controversially floored by former Mayor Ferdinand Waititu and Mike Sonko for the Kiambu and Nairobi gubernatorial seats respectively.

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Mr Kabogo then accused Ruto of plotting his fall to weaken the Kikuyu community ahead of 2022 so that Ruto doesn’t have a stiff competition.

The plot

But now, part of the plot by the Mt Kenya tycoons who are said to have choreographed Uhuru to victory is to ensure that Ruto is mentioned in several scandals during Uhuru’s second term that starts this Tuesday when the duo are sworn in at Kasarani Stadium.

This, sources say, is to create a countrywide rebellion against Ruto so that Ruto is seen as The lord of corruption that cannot be trusted with the national leadership and therefore use that as an excuse to tell off Ruto.

“Already there’re plans to engage influential bloggers and media houses to expose Ruto in some scandals and soil his reputation ahead of 2022,” said another source that demanded for anonymity due to the magnitude of the revelations.

“The reason is to paint Ruto in bad light, whether the scandals will be justified or not, that the country will start bailing for Ruto’s fall in politics.”

Already the deputy has been mentioned in several scandals including the Lang’ata Primary school land grab, the Karen land saga, the Hustler’s jet, and the Mumias Sugar woes as alleged by resigned CEO Mr Errol Johnston.

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