Kenyans Express Their Views on why They Anticipate for Airtel-Telkom Merger

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Kenyans on several media platforms have come out to express their opinions on why they root for the merger of two popular telkoms in the country.

This follows an announcement made by Airtel and Telkom on February 8, 2019 that the two mobile operators would merge in efforts to give Kenyans more quality and affordable services.

However, the duo have accused leading telkom Safaricom of interfering with the merging process.

Last week, Airtel and Telkom released a joint press statement accusing Safaricom of undermining the merger process with Safaricom acting CEO Michael Joseph denying claims of the said interference.

But sparing the press statement drama between the rival telecoms, Kenyans stormed on Twitter to support the merger with many of them stating how important the merger will be to Kenyans.

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Here is a sample of those views.

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