Kenyan Judiciary Introduces Electronic Filing of Cases in Nairobi Courts

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The Judiciary of Kenya on Tuesday announced the introduction of the online filing of cases in Nairobi courts, which means that one would not necessarily go to court in order to file their case.

In a statement sent out to the public, the Judiciary urged the public to familiarize themselves with the Introduction of Electronic-Filing of Cases in Nairobi Courts, since it has already been set but the official launching will be done by the Chief Justice which will be effective therein.

“It is hereby notified for public information that with effect from July 1, 2020, the filing of cases in all courts in Nairobi will be done exclusively through the Electronic Filing system, hereinafter referred to as “e-filling,” read part of the statement.

The Judiciary further added that users, who include lawyers, Director of Public Prosecutions, and Police will be required to register in the portal so that they can log in and upload files and access other services.

“The Law Society of Kenya Members, the Office of the Director of Public Prosecutions, the Police as well as members of the public will be required to register themselves through the portal in order to log into the Judiciary system, upload documents, assess court fees and then submit the files to the registry, online,” the Judiciary said.

They also stated that any computer or device that allows attachment of files will be sufficient to access the system and carry out the e-filing, which according to them, will help them conduct judgments.

“This is a key part of the Judiciary’s efforts to increase the use of technology in all its functions and achieve higher levels of efficiency and convenience to our stakeholders,” they said.

This system has been introduced amid a backlog of cases in courts, and the Judiciary has stated that the technology will help achieve higher levels of efficiency and convenience to its members.

It also stated that the courts will increasingly be using ICT to conduct hearings and deliver verdicts, through other incoming initiatives like the introduction of Court Recording and Transcription Systems.

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Felix Yahil is a media enthusiast and a human rights defender. He is currently studying at Laikipia University and a Chairperson of the Human Rights Club.

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