Kenyan Journalist Launches Initiative to Buy Motorbike For Nzoia Sugar Fc Player Diagnosed With Cancer

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Kenyan sports journalist Jeff Kinyanjui has launched an initiative to help secure funds to buy a motorbike, which will go a long way in helping Nzoia Sugar Fc player Jeremiah Wanjala who was diagnosed with cancer.

The initiative, according to Kinyanjui, came about when he saw the need to change the life of a deserving footballer after a number of people bashed former Gormahia and Nairobi City Stars left-back Wesley Onguso when it was revealed that he was a bodaboda operator.

“A few weeks ago I said I was looking for a deserving footballer whose life can be changed for the better if he got a motorcycle. This is after Nairobi City Stars left-back Wesley Onguso was bashed online after it was revealed to the public that he is a bodaboda operator” said Kinyanjui on his Twitter account.

He further revealed he found it weird that people were bashing Onguso yet Kenyan football is not a dependable profession, and although the reality was disturbing, he had to start from somewhere.

“I found it weird since Kenyan football really isn’t a profession you can depend fully on at the moment. Now, I must admit after the post I got really disturbing feedback. A lot of Kenyan footballers are really suffering. But we must start from somewhere,” Kinyanjui said.

He noted that he had to start the initiative with the Nzoia Sugar Fc player Wanjala, since his case was unique. This, Kinyanjui says, was due to the fact that the player was diagnosed with cancer whose chemotherapy sessions need a lot of money, hence the bike will help a lot in reducing the expenses.

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“Jeremiah Wanjala’s case is unique. He was diagnosed with Lymphoma Cancer and is currently undergoing chemotherapy. He has weekly medical bills to take care of and this has taken a toll on him and the family. This bike, if we manage to get it, will change his life for the better as it will go directly to business” noted Kinyanjui.

He has further appealed to all football stakeholders including officials, fans, players, and friends of goodwill to give their donations to the initiative, which has been recognized by the player himself and Nzoia Sugar Fc fans’ chairman.

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“I appeal to you my friends to donate whatever you can. There’s no shame in hustling like I said before. Jeremiah Wanjala and the Nzoia Sugar Fans Chairman George Kinuthia are fully aware of this initiative and are treasurers in the M-Changa account” said Kinyanjui.

To support the initiative, Go to M-Pesa, LIPA NA MPESA, PAYBILL 891300, ACCOUNT NAME: WANJALA and donate any amount you wish.

Speaking with Wakajuaness.Com, Nzoia sugar Fc fans’ chairman George Kinuthia noted that they came up with the motorcycle initiative since it is a project which can help him for long and even on a daily basis.

“Jeremiah has been sick and you know the fact that it is cancer, this is a longterm disease. Despite the fact that we had come together to support him until he started receiving medication, along the way a lot of people will forget about this condition, and we will not be there to help him all the time.

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That is why we saw it important that we get a project that can give him something on a daily basis and what came in mind was the motorcycle, which we saw is a good initiative. A motorcycle can bring in money per day, for instance, let us say Ksh. 300, which when converted per month can help him in chemotherapy sessions” Kinuthia noted.

He has since urged people from all walks of life to come in and support Wanjala, and enable him to change his life for the better.

“I humbly request Kenyans from all walks to come in and help Jeremiah, so that we can even buy for him two or three motorcycles. If for instance, he can have three of them, that is roughly around Ksh. 1000 per day and Ksh. 30,000 per month, which will really help him a lot” said the fans’ chairman.

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