Kakai Encourages Youths to Unite Behind Candidate of Their Choice

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Former KRA Director and Kabuchai Parliamentary aspirant Evans Kakai has urged youths to unite and speak in one voice if they have to be taken seriously in leadership considerations in 2022.

Speaking during a church service at Kuywa Salvation Army in Mukuyuni Ward, Kabuchai Constituency, the renowned auditor stated that youths have a greater chance of taking over critical leadership positions but only if they unite and speak in one voice.

“Youths have a greater opportunity to take up critical positions in this country but lack of unity has greatly undermined this course,” he said.

Mr. Kakai also asked the church to continue praying for the country to completely win the war against COVID-19 pandemic.

Kakai also took the opportunity to ask the residents to support his parliamentary aspirations come 2022 when the current term ends.

Kakai also donated the paints to the Church before proceeding to Baraki Friends Church in Kuywa where he also joined worshippers for another service.


Additionally, Kakai promised to make water a priority to the residents of Kuywa once he is given an opportunity to represent the residents at the parliament.

“I have also noticed that residents in this area are trekking long distances in search for water when Kuywa itself is a major source of water. I will bring piped water to each home and improve the roads in this area.”

The poultry farmer, who has employed over 120 youths in his Nalondo farm, is seeking to unseat James Mukwe in 2022.

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