JERUSALEMA: Details of The South African Hit Song That Has United The World

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Those of the sayings say music soothes the soul. Have you ever found yourself dancing to a song whose lyrics you don’t know even know a meaning about? Then that is the simple description of the Jerusalema song, which has hit all over the world uniting and entertaining people.

You have probably heard it on the local stations, club parties, etc. You have seen it trending on social media pages with the dance challenges on YouTube, WhatsApp statuses, Instagram, Tik Tok, Viskit, and many others. But do you details behind this record-breaking popular song from South Africa?

The song, Jerusalema, was produced by Limpopo born musician and record producer Kgaogelo Moagi, popularly known as Master KG featuring local vocalist Nomcebo Zikode.

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The song was initially released on 29 November 2019, with a music video following on 21 December the same year and later included on Master KG’s second album of the same title, released in January 2020. It was not however until mid-2020, when the song was eventually released on streaming services that it went viral attracting global attention.

Various dance challenges on social media increased its popularity, with the hashtag #JerusalemaDanceChallenge. So popular did it become, that Nigerian star musician Burna Boy did a remix of it on 19 June 2020, propelling it to international charts.

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The song Jerusalema, translated to Jerusalem, has religious lyrics speaking about Israel City where Jesus Christ is said to be born according to the Bible, as being the home of many religious believers.

During the global pandemic, the song, which is accompanied by unique dance moves, has seen folks from all walks of life put on their dancing shoes, shaking off the lockdown blues and bringing the much-needed relief to many people across the world.

The song has also gained a record 33 million new YouTube views in 23 days, having hit 80 million YouTube views on August 15th from 50 million YouTube views it had garnered on July 25th.

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The song was even played at halftime, during the UEFA Champions League quatre-final match between Barcelona and Bayern Munich.

At the time of publication, the song had over 86.5 million views on YouTube. WATCH THE VIDEO BELOW


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