JASON NJERU: What Voters Should Know In Electing Good Leaders

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Leaders in Kenya are elected through a popular vote by the registered voters, where the electoral process is rewinded after five years from Members of the County Assembly (MCAs) to the Presidential seat.

Equally important, leadership is a calling, service, and the ability to change the present condition and better it in the future. However.  most leaders have used politics as an avenue for looting and self-enrichment.

Everyone will want to exercise Constitutional rights and moral obligations to vote in 2022 and I have analysed the key factors that voters should bear in mind.

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Anyone asking for votes must have basic skills in terms of education, honesty, morally upright, and totally unimpeachable on ethics and integrity.

One should vote for a leader who can deliver and not just campaign promises but can deliver on residents demands.

The slightest suspicion of corruption, land grabbing, embezzlement of public funds, and any political wrangle with the leader should not be elected.

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We should keenly scrutinize those asking us to entrust them with leadership.

Some leaders have financial muscles and use cash to buy votes, citizens should be keen and cautious about that.

People should elect leaders who have a vision of plans and way forward in terms of development, not only things we use and see but also spread peace, harmony, and equity.

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Let the citizens ought to be given key consideration to the type of leaders they want as everyone practice democracy in the next two years to come.

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