ItsMyStory: “You Should NEVER Judge God” says Victoria Orwa

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Life is a cycle, yet it comes a times when the whole world turns against you that you can lose the meaning of the same life.

Meeting up with Victoria Orwa, she shares with me some of the darkest days of her life and how she overcame them.

“I have undergone different ordeals that come in life including stress, financial problems, sickness among many more.” She says as we start her story.

Victoria remembers well the year 2016 after she had completed her secondary school, when life changed it’s course. Having got a good grade, her expectations were to join university but that was never to come sooner.

“My eldest brother got involved in a grisly accident while he was taking my grandfather for check up. It was a head on collision with a truck that left him with fractured limbs and the right arm, while my grandpa unfortunately passed away.”

With the typical relative issues, her aunties shifted blame to her brother, accusing him to be responsible of the death of their father. Victoria’s brother was admitted for almost nine months, being bedridden while trying to heal from the accident.

With the ordeals she has gone through, Victoria Orwa decided to put a tattoo on her left arm with the words ‘I PRAY`. Photo/Victoria

The hospital bills were also becoming hefty and not even the sources of income from their parents could sustain them. Unfortunately, Victoria says her father was fired due to absenteeism and things got worse.

“My father was forced to be attending to our brother and regular absenteeism saw him fired. This also shocked my mother, who had to be admitted to hospital. We were shocked with the scanning results that showed her kidney had cracks and they could fail to work anytime. This was the hardest moments of all times, having buried our grandpa, our brother in the Intensive Care Unit and our mum in need of medication yet there wasn’t even financial muscles to cope up with that.”

Victoria admits these were some of her lowest life moments. She was saddened and hopeless. There wasn’t a shoulder she could lean on at this distressful moments because even her brother who was in fourth year was to do exams yet there wasn’t fees, meaning he couldn’t graduate.

With burdens increasing, the family was forced to sell their 5 hectares of land to sort the bills. God graciously, her brother recovered.

Victoria attributes that being faithful and prayerful are the things that saw her through.

“What I know for sure is that kneeling down in prayers can help you stand strong during the trying moments. I used to pray to God a lot to see us through this tempting moments and I am greatful for He answered our prayers.

You should never judge God for what happens, just be faithful because everything happens with a reason. Never give up!” Says Victory as she sums up her life lessons.

She will be hopefully graduating next year with a degree in English Literature. Her family is very well with her brother and mother in good health.

To God be the Glory!

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