ItsMyStory: Special Edition by Paul Ombati

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“Mtoto wangu, wacha Mungu akutangulie.. (My son, may God lead you).” Those were words from my loving mother. I had just called her to tell her my interview had been successful. May our good Lord indeed lead and see me through. May all the Glory and Honour that comes with that be back to him.

My life has been a story, I could say a beautiful experience which will be published as a book one day. Most interestingly, the chapters of that book will be about the friends who have been the pillar to my success. There is nothing wonderful in this world than being surrounded by beautiful, wonderful, amazing and loving souls.

Penning down this piece is a bit emotional. has been my home for the last 2years and it is from here that I have grown up in the industry, yet this could be my last piece as I forge ahead to new responsibilities.

Elvis Simiyu, my mentor and employer at , please get my heartfelt gratitudes. Since we met, the journey has been amazing.

I have to appreciate all the people who have had their input positively impact me. The list is endless. Verily verily I say unto you, blessings will always come on your way.

My project, ItsMyStory will keep going on. I still believe people have fascinating experiences which they want to tell the world and I will always be on the forefront to make that possible.

As I conclude, it is my hope that we keep on being in touch. Life is an ongoing journey and tomorrow in never an assurance, let’s make the better of today. May all your prayers and support help me serve you better, Shalom.

To God be the Glory!

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Paul Ombati is a Journalist, Editor and Sports Analyst. Creative and Passionate Writer. PR Practioner and Digital Online Marketer. To reach out to him, Call +254702075370 Email: Follow him on Facebook , Instagram, LinkedIn, and Twitter using the icons below.

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