ItsMyStory: Fascinating Life Experiences by Paul Ombati

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Welcome to this new segment; ItsMyStory which gives me and you the opportunity to share our lifetime experiences, which may be sweet or bitter while we draw lessons from them.

Being a journalist, I have and I do communicate with lots of people from diverse life statutes. One thing I have always come to appreciate is the fact that every person, at any given time, always has that one experience which they wish to share yet they don’t get that courage or opportunity to do so.

Having deeply held talks with my senior editor, Elvis Simiyu, I can gladly assert that one of my interesting traits is coming to be of importance. I have grown up to experience lots of things, met with different kinds of people and listened to the sweetest and hurtful escapades people ever had, some of which they are going through.

Through this segment, I intend to provide a platform where each and every one of us can get that opportunity to give their experiences; what they were and how the moved on or towards them. It is my hope that through my childhood dream of becoming a journalist, I cannot only be able to inform people but also get that opportunity to inspire lives.

The Wisemen say experience is the best teacher. Thus, as we have all had experiences in the past, currently and even in future, it would be prudent to say we could be the best teachers to ourselves and even others!

It is my humble requested to you that we join hands for this promising initiative. I will be publishing experiences not only from myself but also from you as a reader.

The stories will be published every Monday, Wednesday and Saturday of the week, on this website.

If you have any story you wish to share, please don’t relent to reach out to me through the addreses; phone number is +254702075370, email: or Follow me on social media (Twitter, Facebook and Instragram @Paul Ombati.(I will make sure I follow back.) Alternatively, you can click on the icons below.

I believe that together, this idea will germinate into a wonderful project.

(The writer is a passionate and creative journalist. While he reserves the authority to views expressed herein, part of the works will be included in his upcoming book: The Life and Times we shared.)

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Paul Ombati is a Journalist, Editor and Sports Analyst. Creative and Passionate Writer. PR Practioner and Digital Online Marketer. To reach out to him, Call +254702075370 Email: Follow him on Facebook , Instagram, LinkedIn, and Twitter using the icons below.

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