ItsMyStory: Amazing Journey of Khoja Local, Fast Growing Luhya Comedian From Bungoma

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You have probably seen some of his funniest video clips on social media pages, which have left you laughing hysterically. But do you know the journey of fast-growing comedian Khoja, who is also a music artist and actor?

Wakajuaness.Com had an interview with Khoja Local, real name Kennan Caleb Osianju, who shared his inspirational journey growing in the comedy industry. How did his journey start?

Khoja reveals that his journey started way back in 2015, when he was a student at Teremi High School where he used to perform during talent shows. It was however while in Form Three, when he and his crew were planning to present an item during a talent show, that he came to realize his dream.

“I remember that time when we prepared to act, we had actually planned to mimic our teachers and when we went on the stage to present, the whole audience was left in stitches as we entertained them” he reveals.

After completion of his secondary school education, Khoja says his mother could not raise the college fees, and it is from there that he ventured into music, which he reveals that he ‘failed terribly’.

“Having finished high school, I could not go to college due to school fees issues and decided to try singing. However, I failed terribly with my songs” he says.

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It was not until 2019, Khoja says he was just having idle moments, when he recorded a video mimicking mothers while he talked as a child. After recording, he saw it funny and embedded it with the voice of Gifto Benjamin as a child.

Taking to social media, he posted the video on his WhatsApp status, not knowing that it was his breakthrough. He says people downloaded the status and posted on their WhatsApp accounts, making it go viral.

“When I posted the video on WhatsApp, I was just doing it for fun and did not know that it would go viral. People however downloaded it and shared on groups and their statuses” he says.

It is from there that Khoja realized he could entertain people, and started doing short comedy videos. Looking back along his journey, he says that although comedy has not paid him well enough, he believes when someone does what he loves, there is no need to worry.

One of his highest moments with comedy was when he landed a deal with a radio station in Western Kenya. Asked why he mimics mothers and children, Khoja says it is an idea that just came and he embraced.

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Currently, he is working on a number of projects, including shooting mini-series comedies which are always uploaded on his official YouTube channel.

Khoja also appreciates the work of fellow comedians whom he says inspire him a lot, including upcoming artist George Alba while nationally he is motivated by Erick Omondi, whom they have had a conversation before.

Just like other growing artists, Khoja’s main challenge has been financial struggles, which he says is limiting his growth. At times, he is forced to shoot videos with his phone and when he gets some funds, hire cameras and content producers, where one video costs around Ksh. 5,000.

Giving a piece of advice to fellow upcoming comedians, Khoja tells them to learn to support each other, and not to depend on the help of established comedians.

“They should know that there is no single day an established comedian will wake up and support you just like that e,g collabo. They should just trust the process, support each other and invest in content,” he says.

Khoja also calls for the government and county governments to ensure they support local youths, whom he believes are doing a lot of work to the emperor and promote the society yet they are not being given any support.

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“If you look at my latest project, How I lost my virginity mini-series, it is talking about early marriages, early pregnancies, Female Genital Mutilation (FGM), and other vices which should be eradicated in our society. I believe there’s a number of youths with great content that can empower the society who are not getting the support they need,” he says.

Khoja has appreciated the support of his fans, whom he says have been helpful in supporting his work by liking his videos and subscribing to his YouTube channel.

You can follow and support Khoja Comedy on his social media pages @Khoja_local on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. Like and subscribe to his YouTube channel below.






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