University Education PS Simon Nabukwesi. PHOTO/FILE

I’m Coming to Vie: Nabukwesi Declares Interest in Bungoma County

(MEDIA University Education PS Simon Nabukwesi. He has declared interest to vie in Bungoma County. PHOTO/FILE).

University Education PS Simon Nabukwesi has declared his interest to  vie for an elective seat in Bungoma County.

Speaking on West FM on Thursday evening, the former Kamusinga High School Principal stated that he has personal ambitions to better the lives of the people of Bungoma.

In a respond to a caller who asked to know the PS’s interest in local politics, Mr. Nabukwesi expressed his displeasure in the manner the County is being run.

“When I look at the news headlines about the wheelbarrow and the jerrycan scandals, I become disturbed especially at the poor state of roads across the county,” Ambassador Nabukwesi stated on the show that is hosted by Nandemu Barasa.

The former Kenyan envoy to Canada also added that he would love to change the lives of the locals through providing credible and visionary leadership than what has been witnessed so far.

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This comes amid allegations that the County Government purchased jerrycans meant to fight Covid-19 at exaggerated price, a development that has earned senior officials at the county a date with the EACC officials.

So far, no one has been charged as the EACC are still carrying on with the investigations.

In 2016, the then Bungoma Governor Kenneth Lusaka was under fire after his government reportedly purchased 10 wheelbarrows at Ksh109,000 each, a scandal that is yet to vanish from the memories of many.

The Ambassador’s revelation, though without revealing the political seat and time he’d chose, comes barely a day after two CECMs in Governor Wycliffe Wangamati’s cabinet called for the dissolution of the County Government of Bungoma.

The CECs cited prevailing sabotage from the County Assembly of Bungoma which they believe, is being remotely controlled by a known senior political “broker” in Bungoma County.

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Article 192 provides for only two circumstances which can trigger a suspension: In an emergency arising out of internal conflict or war, or in any other exceptional circumstances.

The County Government Act defines exceptional circumstances as actions by the county government that are against the common needs and interest of the local citizens.

After he receives a petition signed by not less than 10 per cent of the registered voters in the county, the President should table the petition to the Summit for approval and, if approved, appoint an independent commission of inquiry to investigate the allegations.

If satisfied, he forwards the petition, recommendations and the report of the commission to the Senate for its approval, upon which he gazettes the suspension of the county government. The Senate can however, lift the suspension of the County Government within the 90 days.

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Amb. Nabukwesi is credited with the reviving and maintaining the academic standards of Friends School Kamusinga at national level.

During his tenure at the respected school, FSK appeared among the top ten best schools in Kenya during the KCSE results.

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