I’m Alive and Strong: Kabuchai MP James Mukwe Assures Kenyans Amid Death Claims

Kabuchai MP James Mukwe on Sunday dismissed reports that he has died.

The Ford Kenya Mp was on Thursday airlifted to Karen Hospital in Nairobi for specialised treatment after his health deteriorated.

The MP had been admitted at a private hospital in Bungoma for four days but after being discharged, his health became worse and was fled to Nairobi for intensive care.

However, reports emerged on social media platforms claiming that the MP has lost his life.

But speaking on phone to Sulwe FM on Sunday morning, the MP assured Kenyans that he has recovered well and can walk on his own, blasting the propagandists running away with his ‘life’.

“I am very OK and much stronger. In fact, I am just waiting to be discharged and go back home to serve my people,” said Mukwe in his normal jovial mood.

The Mp also dismissed reports that his life was in critical danger and clarified that the treatment was just to improve an arthritis condition.

“I have some minor challenges caused by arthritis but my doctors have managed the situation and as we speak, I am able to take a bath on my own and even walk some short distances without struggle.”

The MP also accused his political opponents for using unemployed youths to splash propaganda about his death, adding that it’s unfair to announce one’s death without verifying information.

“I just want to ask my political opponents to stop this nonsense of using the youths to spread unsubstantiated information. One’s life is not something to joke about.”

The former MCA also added that he will soon join his residents in fighting the COVID-19 scare by distributing masks and sanitizers.

“We had plans to fight this war [Coronavirus] together but unfortunately, this sickness slowed us down but we must resume from where we left from.”

Mr. Mukwe won the Kabuchai parliamentary seat, beating his closest opponent Mr. Nabangi Tale but the controversial win had to end up in the Supreme Court.

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This is after Mr. Tale had filed a petition seeking the nullification of Mukwe’s election.

The Appellate Court sitting in Kisumu on July 26, 2018 had ruled in favour of Mr Tale, thus, throwing the constituency into another election mood before the second time MP rushed to the Supreme Court to seek an overturn of the Appeal court’s ruling.

But sitting in Nairobi last year, the country’s highest court ruled that the Judges Erastus Githinji, Hannah Okwengu and Jamila Mohamed errored in their ruling and could not have allowed the petition to proceed after the Bungoma High Court had upheld Mr. Mukwe’s victory.

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The electoral body had declared the 54 year-old the winner with 18,485 votes against Nabangi’s 18,062 votes in the August 8, 2017 general election, a difference of 423 votes

According to those close to the MP, Mr. Mukwe is expected to defend his seat in the upcoming general election in 2022.

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