IEBC Finally Speaks on Shutting Down the Internet on the Voting Day 

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By Our Reporter 

​The Interim Electoral and Bounderies Commission  (IEBC) has finally descended its voice on the possible shutting down of the internet during the voting period. 

The body has warned that any attempt to shut down the internet over the election period would damage its efforts to transmit the results.

There have been fears that the government is planning to shut down the internet and the electronic communication channels—such as television and radio broadcasts, social media and chat platforms.

IEBC official revealed that they had raised similar concerns with the relevant authorities.

The officials made the comments in a conference in Nairobi. 

Mr Linus Onyango, who is in charge of election security, told the conference that IEBC will be relying on electronic data transmission to relay election results, as a well as a web portal for announcing and displaying the results.

The body also revealed that IEBC has shipped in cyber security experts from Oracle, Dell, and IBM to counter any threats to the electoral system. 

Kenya is set to hold general elections on 8th of August this year.

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