How users will earn money as Telegram announces Ksh. 46 Million for content creators

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Social media giants Telegram have announced that they will be awarding 400, 000 Euros (Ksh. 46 million) to content creators who will be setting up educational tests.

The announcement was made on Friday, 24th April, as the a cloud-based instant messaging and voice over IP service celebrated a record of over 400 million users per month, up from 300 million a year ago.

According to Telegram, over 200 billion students globally are away from school due to the novel coronavirus, and therefore as the app is one of the most used for studies due to their exciting features,  creators will now be able to earn money setting up educational content.

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“With 2 billion students currently away from schools, the world is in dire need of online educational tools. We’d like to contribute to solving this problem by creating a database of educational tests for all subjects and levels. To do that, today we’re announcing a crowd-sourcing initiative in which we will distribute EUR 400,000 among creators of educational tests’ Telegram said in a statement published on their official website.

As a content creator, you can come up with a quiz using @QuizBot where you will set a timer for questions and publish an original educational test on any subject at any difficulty level, in any language.

“Timers add to the competitive element of Telegram quizzes, which are often used for exam preparation in student group chats. With the new countdown animation, everyone can see how much time they have left” Telegram said, adding that the tests could be published at any language and levels.

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“To take part, use @QuizBot to create and publish an original educational test on any subject at any difficulty level, in any language. Feel free to choose anything from basic Medieval European History in English to Mikrobiologie für Experten auf Deutsch – and add any media you require to your questions, but make sure all intellectual property rights are respected” they said.

All content will then be published and the quizzes you submit in a searchable directory. winners will be announced based on their popularity and quality.

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“Based on their quality and popularity we will then announce the winners in several stages. Submissions for the first stage end on May 15” the statement read.

Having come up with features like folders, cloud storage and desktop support, Telegram has proved to be ideal for remote work and study during the quarantine.

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