How Man Saved Fellow Blueline Passengers from Armed Robbers on Nairobi-Kakamega Highway

One of the passenger vesicles belonging to Blue Line Safaris. Armed robbers attempted to attack their passengers. PHOTO/COURTESY
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A man on Monday night saved his fellow passengers from the jaws of horrifying armed robbers who were stalking their vehicle all the way from Nairobi.

The man, whose identity we are yet to establish, was in the passenger seat when the more than five attackers dramatically approached their vehicle owned by the Blueline Safaris travel company.

According to one of the passengers, the vehicle departed Nairobi for Kakamega on Monday evening. On board was one male passenger who kept on communicating on phone with unknown people in vernacular language, constantly updating them on their current location.

However, on reaching at a place called Lessos in Kapsabet, the said passenger, who was speaking in a Kalenjin, asked the driver to drop him, claiming that he had some luggage at the back.

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“The man told the driver to drop him and said he has luggage at the boot,” said one of the passengers who phoned Wakajuaness.

The driver stopped several metres away from the requested stop as they usually do to avoid any possible attack and alighted with the passenger. But on checking the boot, their was nothing like luggage. It was at this point that a cloud of five armed robbers approached, holding the driver as others attempted to snatch the car keys and take all the passengers hostage.

On sensing the danger, the male passenger on the passenger seat wrestled the attackers and accessed the car keys before speeding off the KCJ 128J vehicle to the nearest police station.

According to the Blueline head office in Nairobi, the attackers remained with the driver and robbed him of cash, mobile phone and other valuables before cutting his head with a sharp panga.

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When the good Samaritan passenger drove off with the innocent passenger, among them a sister to this writer, they left behind the driver who was robbed of his phone and money.

“The savior driver took our passengers to the Kapsabet Police Station where he alerted the police. The police then rushed to the scene of crime but did not find the thugs.

“Luckily, our injured driver was spotted by one of our other vehicle that was approaching from behind Nairobi and saved him,” said the Blueline customer representative in Nairobi Mr. Ruto, in a telephone interview with Wakajauness.

According to Mr. Ruto, the attackers apparently had their own vehicle as the police located the the driver’s phone in Eldoret some moments later.

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Our efforts to get a statement from the Kapsabet Police Station were unsuccessful as we had not yet acquired their contacts.

The passengers reportedly arrived safe and sound in Kakamega some minutes to 6AM with no one injured.

Cases of carjacking passenger vehicle along the Nairobi-Bungoma had been on the rise with the police recently arresting one woman in connection with the saga.

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