How Khalwale Wasted Glorious Chance to Become Governor and end up as Ruto’s Funeral Blogger

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When you mention some of the controversial and outspoken politicians from Western Kenya, then it will be ‘criminal’ to forget the name Bonny Khalwale on that list.

The former Ikolomani legislator first shot to fame in 2008 when he led the parliament in ousting the then Finance Minister Amos Kimunya.

Mr Kimunya was underfire during the scandalous sale of the Grand Regiency Hotel where the hotel was allegedly under-priced to a Libyan company.

Then Chair of the powerful Parliamentary Accounts committee, Dr Khalwale dominated the headlines with his Kimunya Must Go slogan that he ‘performed’ at the floor of the house.

But how did Kimunya respond? That “I’d rather die than resign”? Ok. Kimunya resigned a short while thereafter.

Towards the 2013 general election, Dr Khalwale vied for the Kakamega Senatorial seat and won with a landslide on a UDF ticket. Fully behind presidential candidate Musalia Mudavavdi, Khalwale was pro-vocal in the chants against CORD presidential candidate Raila Odinga. At one time, Mr Odinga’s followers roasted Khalwale alive on social media platforms for allegedly mocking Raila’s Luo circumcision traditions.

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That aside. The same Bullfighter ironically backed Raila in the 2017 general election where he could be seen at rallied campaigning against Jubilee elites that included Deputy President William Ruto.


Currently, there’s a you tube video taken a year ago circulating on WhatsApp forums where Dr Khalwale is referring to Ruto as a ‘land grabber and a thief’ at a NASA political rally.

“When I see Uhuru (Kenyatta) accepting his Deputy President to steal maize in broad daylight and grab pieces of land at night, I conclude that he is not fit to lead this country if he can’t control his deputy.” Khalwale says in the video.

However, the focus is at the same period where NASA presidential candidate Raila Odinga summoned Dr. Khalwale and ODM Deputy Party Leader and Kakamega Governor Wycliffe Oparanya ahead of the nomination process to urge the former to defend his seat and support Mr Oparanya for the gubernatorial race. It landed on deaf ears.


Dr Khalwale was determined to floor Oparanya on the ballot and become the new Governor for the country’s second largest county. Little did he know that Oparanya’s exit after his second term at the helm of Kakamega County would easily usher him in as the new Governor as advised by Mr Odinga.

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To cut the story short, Khalwale lost terribly and became an ordinary mwananchi, giving former Makiakalo Ward MCA Cleophas Malalah a chance to become Kakamega’s new Senator.


Talking of Senator Malalah, too desperate for relevancy, Khalwale, at another public function, claimed that Malalah is not fit to “fulfill his marital assignments”, a stupid statement that angered his own Kakamega residents including Luhya elders who castigated him for such an unparliamentary behavior.

A friend told me recently that when Dr Khalwale is too desperate for public attention, he attacks your manhood. Nothing on earth can motivate me to dismiss this statement.

A year down the line, the Bull fighter is still hustling at the corridors of the Deputy President at night requesting to represent him at the funerals to circulate Ruto’s agenda ahead of the 2022 election.

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What disturbs Khalwale so much is that as he campaigns to represent Ruto at funeral functions in home county, his Kimunya-Must-Go is back in parliament enjoying car grants and mileages from the government as Kipipiri MP. Bindu bichenjanga!


With Kakamega Senator Cleophas Malalah on Raila’s side as well as Governor Oparanya seemingly on Raila’s side, Deputy President William Ruto has no serious point man in Kakamega County, thus, desperately trying to use a rejected Khalwale at funeral functions with fund raisers.

With this kind of hop-skip-and-jump politics, Khalwale risks losing support back home as it will be difficult for the Kakamega electorates to trust him with the development tempo that Oparanya has already set in Kakamega.

Did Khalwale really need to end up as Ruto’s funeral blogger?

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