History Haunts Macharia Njeru as Colleagues Dig Deep Ahead of JSC Elections

History Haunts Macharia Njeru as Colleagues Dig Deep Ahead of JSC Elections

As the campain for the Male Representative to the Law Society of Kenya intensifies, one of the aspirants for the coveted seat will have his past to blame as history is already haunting him.

Macharia Njeru (pictured) the aspirant in question, remains the only candidate amongst the clique perceived to be state-sponsored running for the position.

However, if history is what to go by, then his campaign based on ethics, integrity, corporate governance and accountability is nothing to be given any pinch of trust.

One of the past cases where Macharia is involved. IMAGE/SIMIYU WAKAJUANESS


Despite Alex Gatundu, one of the aspirants, recently stepping down in his favor against the highly preferred Professor Tom Ojienda, Njeru’s candidature remains questionable from the word go.

An immediate former Commission at (IPOA) courtesy of state appointment, Njeru’s past deals has thrown most of his current campaign values into doubt with most pundits questioning his ability to serve in that capacity.

As the campaigns take shape, there seem to be facts emerging that clear the incumbent Prof. Tom Ojienda’s name with regards to the allegations which his campaign factions believe are state sponsored.

Professor Tom Ojienda. PHOTO/FILE


During his stint as the chairman of IPOA, this publication can reveal in our investigation that he had no respect for the institution which he chaired, and always opted to usurp the roles of the CEO whenever he wanted, mostly to interfere with cases being investigated with a view of getting a certain outcome and in operational instances, to force unpopular decisions through the board or management.

Leaked communications from Mr. Macharia as seen by this writer regard to a land case that was a subject of a twitter post which he shut down without allowing due investigations be concluded. We further saw advices by the then CEO to then seeking clarification for “protection” from him for being forced to sign minutes to meetings he was not a party to.

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The events towards the end of his term, clearly showcased his unprincipled side.


Mr. Macharia is said to have gone on a hiring spree in all departmental beyond the establishment.

However, the astonishing thing is the manner in which he forced the former CEO out of office because he was keen to have a man from his village and long term robot in the institution take over the position.

Our investigations further revealed that, the former CEO whom is revered as one of the best managers in the country, having successfully served in many institutions and hails from Bungoma, Western Kenya, was summoned by Mr. Macharia to a board meeting and threatened with unfounded allegations which Mr. Masharia was ready to lobby and present to anyone who cared to listen unless he handed in his resignation.

After consultations he opted to step down instead of facing a chairman predetermined to replace him. The process initiated here did not go down well with a lot of people and institutions who at the time were alive to the work of the CEO, despite the challenges presented by Mr. Macharia.


One of the first people to raise a concern with the whole process and the “recruitment” of the new CEO was the Head of Public Service who wrote to Mr. Macharia on March 28, 2018; – The term of the current membership of Independent Police Oversight Authority (IPOA) expires in May 2018. This office has information that you are in the process of recruiting a chief executive officer (CEO) for IPOA, a process that may not be complete before May 2018. It has therefore been decided that the process to fill the vacant position of the Chief Executive Officer (CEO) be suspended until the incoming committee is in place.

Mr. Macharia is said to have actually ignored the position as presented in this letter and went ahead to hire the new CEO expressly without probation.


Parliament was not amused with what happened, and therefore invited the newly appointed CEO through a letter dated 5th April, 2018, to appear before it on the 10th April, 2018 and explain the circumstances of the exit of the former CEO.

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As norm, and as we can exclusively reveal now, that Mr. Macharia actually altered/forged the contents of a particular letter annexed to the documentation to cover up for his wrongdoings. (Stay tuned on this site concerning this matter as we have been informed that the matter is currently being looked into by the DCI with the intention of pressing charges immediately the investigations are complete).


Other than the flawed process other applicants were not shortlisted for fear of outsmarting Mr. Njeru’s man. Notably, the current PS, Public Service, was never shortlisted and so was a current board member at IPOA.

A look into the IT structures set up at IPOA reveals a softaware installed in the systems known as the Enterprise Resource Program (Complaint Management System), basic IT system with seven modules with only one module to limit report duplication being dedicated to IPOA’s core mandate on case reporting, something which the current JSC actually implemented successfully in its registries years back and are now focused on the filling systems and currently running trial programs which even include uploading law firms. Most lawyers are wondering other than politics; what else is Mr. Macharia bringing to JSC.

It is said that lately the campaign team of Mr. Macharia have settled to a “you will talk and we will listen” approach as well as shaming the young advocates to admission to support them, referring to them as drunkards.

The consistency backed with facts on various aspects that surround the work the JSC has consistently advocated for and implemented over the years as well as the forth coming clarity regarding the questions of integrity on the incumbent which was quite unexpected for the Macharia has sent them scampering for scrubs, including the recent spate of kenyanow videos trying to spectacle a corrupt judicial system.


Perhaps the most conflicting thing in his tenure at IPOA was the failure to implement Section 39 pf the IPOA Act, which mandates the board to come up with regulations on the mode of bringing complaints before the authority, the rules relating to the initiation, hearing and disposal of complaints, the procedures of taking over internal investigations and generally for the good order and management of the authority. One cannot fail to observe that maybe Mr. Macharia thrives on anarchy as evidenced through his term. This can be the only thing explaining why he ignored this important role accorded to him by law.

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Questions of integrity have been asked to Prof. On his dealings and he has never been shy to address them. He has always been upfront and ready to explain the position of each matter. Infact in some instances he has even gone to court to clear his name whilst setting up good precedence for prosperity.

On the other hand, the moment advocates started questioning dealings relating to Macharia’s integrity and his performance in the various boards he has served, not mentioning cases which he has been mentioned adversely on questionable practice engagements, he instead has opted to cry wolf.

But for how long will he yet the questions keep coming up together with the evidence of the questionable dealings and practice?

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