HAPPY MASHUJAA DAY: The 12 Heroes and Heroines I Will be Celebrating Today 

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Happy Mashujaa Day to all my fellow Kenyans.

As we celebrate this Heroes’ Day, my tribute goes to the men and women who lost their precious lives fighting for liberation of this nation from the callous rule of those British colonists.

Mashujaa Day, which was initially called Kenyatta Day, is a day market on Kenyan calender to celebrate the heroes and heroines who faught for independence of this country.

On October 20, 1952 Mzee Jommo Kenyatta and five others – Bildad Kagia, Ochieng’ Oneko, Paul Ngei, Fred Kubai and Kang’u Karumba – were arrested by the British colonialists for fighting to liberate their nation and sentenced to 7 years of imprisonment in Kapenguria, nearly 1,000KM north of Nairobi city.

The court where the then famous “Kapenguria Six” were sentenced from is now a dinning room for the teachers’ staff at Chewoyet High School in Kapenguria, West Pokot County. 

As I write this column, I’m privileged to have dined at the historical room when I was training drama at the same school. 

However, the new 2010 constitution renamed the to Mashujaa Day to honour other citizens who have faught hard for the success of this nation. 

Though this day seems to focus on national leaders, there are other unsung heroes in our daily lives that I will be celebrating today. Here they are.

12. Red cross team

Every emergency will mostly witness the presence of men and women in red half-jackets with a white crosses at the back. 

They were there during the West gate attack when terrorists attacked the mall. The Redcross team acted swiftly to save hundreds of lives. Rarely do they get appreciated for their efforts. On this Mashujaa Day, I salute you Red Cross team.

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11. House maids

There’s  reason we can’t carry out all the house chores, thus, the house maid. This lady make our lives easier. Doing laundry, cooking and taking care of our babies when we are away. Sadly, many employees treat them as enemies without caring for their emotional values. Aunty, you are a heroine in that house.

10. The obedient drivers

A lot of accidents have been reported from our roads and thousands of lives crucially claimed. When an accident occurs, we are quick to accuse the rogue drivers who truely exist. Such drivers should never be allowed back to the road.

My hero is that driver who obeys all the traffic rules and gets all the passengers to their destinations safely. Sadly, I rarely hear the alighting passengers say “thanks” to these great people for ferrying them safely. Happy Mashujaa Day pilots.

9. Teachers

Most people mostly relate teachers to strikes and accuse them of abandoning children at school to seek their pay rise but no one ever cheer them when they wake up every chilling morning to take care of our young ones at schools.

Our children spend more time with these precious beings than with us at home. Some of us teach our kids terrible habits an dump them to the teachers to take over. Dear teachers, happy mashujaa day to you all.

8. Security officers

When I say police officers, allow me to mean our home guards, military officers and the police officers themselves. It’s unbelievable how these people endure the cold nights to ensure security for us. 

Though cases of insecurity are reported and some rogue officers are alleged to receive bribes from offenders, our security officers put their lives in danger to ensure we are safe in our bedrooms. I salute you – but not those who shoot and kill unarmed demonstrators.

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7. Doctors and nurses

If you want to know how terrible and delicate life is, visit a hospital. Visit maternity room. Visit any ward. These medical staff is always on toes to ensure our health is back to tune. 

Many of these medics rarely get an off to celebrate public holidays with their families as we do, they chose to be at work to help those in bed back to normal. You deserve all the respect please!

6. News Reporters and bloggers

Journalism is fascinating field but it also involves going beyond risk to feed the public with the truth it never knew. Our reporters work beyond time to ensure we are informed of what is happening around the world.

Even today, as president Uhuru Kenyatta will be leading the nation in Marking this day, they will be busy focusing the cameras and hitting their keyboards to keep us updated. I honor you guys.

5. Religious leaders

Though many have been accused of leading the flock in the wrong way, most of these men and women of God sacrifice a lot in shaping our religious path.

 They are always there for us when we want to wed. They are always there whenever we want to be guided on how to restore our marriages. 

Whenever we lose our loved ones, they are always there to lead the church in comforting us. Their efforts should not go unnoticed. God bless you.

4. Mama mboga

A Swahili tag for “vegetable lady”, mama mboga wakes up in the morning to fetch for groceries for her kiosk. As if that is not enough, she even slices the ‘veges’ to make our work easier after getting home late from work. Besides being considered a “humble” work, mama still pays her taxes from her whichever income.

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 Just imagine life without this mama? God bless you ladies.

3. Waiters/Waitresses

One calibre of professionals that is underrated is the waiter. Even after serving us nicely with a smile on her face, the tips we leave them are not enough to motivate them. They, together with the hotel staff, ensure that our needs are taken care of. Dear ladies and gentlemen,  keep it up!

2. Traffic officers

Those in big cities where traffic is always a nightmare will testify how these unsung men and women endure the intense sun and heavy down pour to ensure the roads are in order. 

These ladies and gentlemen stand for hours without a chair or an umbrella. I salute you all!

1. Mobile phone operators

These specialists are amazingly absent when the head of the state awards his “heroes”. Perhaps, they are always busy at their stations ensuring that everyone is connected whenever we make our calls or conduct mobile transactions. 

They make sure your calls are successful to whichever destination even during emergencies. But who ever cheer them on? Cheers our technicians.  

Lastly, We at Wakajuaness.Com take this opportunity to wish you a Happy #MashujaaDay. Thank you for believing in us and Happy Birthday to our Sports Editor Paul Ombati today!!

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