Government Pathologist Reveals What Killed Scholastica Adhiambo at Khalaba Hospital After Delivery

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A government pathologist from Kakamega County has on Tuesday evening revealed the cause of a woman who died under mysterious circumstances while delivering at a private hospital in Bungoma.

Ms Scholastica Adhiambo Onyango (pictured) lost her life at Khalaba Hospital under unclear circumstances on Thursday morning after delivering a bouncing baby boy.

But in an autopsy conducted by Dr. Dixon Muchana Mwalundindi from Kakamega County, the late died due to excessive external bleeding after her delivery.

“There was evidence of excessive external bleeding during her delivery which caused her death,” said Dr. Muchana in his report seen by Wakajuanes.Com.

“Our deep analysis did not find any other possible cause of the dead.”

Confirming the pathologist’s findings, Dr. Wambasi Mutoro, a retired Medical Supretentant representing the family hailed the process and thanked the pathologist for providing transparency.

“I am happy with the findings of the Pathologist during the entire autopsy process to explore the possible causes of the death and as we have witnessed,” said Dr Mutoro after the process witnessed by family members, friends and relatives as well as the office of the DCIO.

Schola’s death, which was first broken by this blogger caused controversy across the world even attracting the attention of mainstream media editors who ran the story as well.

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