Government Now Blames Kenyans on COVID-19 as Kagwe Announces New Cases

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MEDIA: Kenyan Cabinet Secretary for Health Mutahi Kagwe. Kagwe has blamed a section of Kenyans for failing to observe protective measures. PHOTO/COURTESY

Kenyan Government has now pointed fingers at Kenyans following the continued spreading of the Coronavirus.

While briefing the media on Monday 30th March, 2020 from Afya House, Health Cabinet Secretary Mutahi Kagwe expressed fears that the new cases are now being spread by local Kenyans and not necessarily those travelling into the country.

In his address, Mr. Kagwe announced that the Ministry has recorded eight (8) more cases, bringing the total number of confirmed cases in Kenya to 50.

“It’s now clear that the virus is no longer being spread by foreign travellers but by Kenyans themselves,” said Kagwe.

This comes amid fears that the rising number of confirmed cases could extend the current disruption of normal activities across the country.

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The Cabinet Secretary also laid down new measures to combat the spread the virus.

Among them is the compulsory wearing of face masks by all boda boda riders across the country.

“From now henceforth, all boda boda riders will be required to wear face masks to avoid any further spread of the virus.”

Employers have also been asked to release their staff as early as 4pm to allow them to make travel arrangements back home before the ongoing curfew starts at 7pm.

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However, Mutahi also warned employers against deducting salaries of their staffs following the reduced working hours.

Kagwe also asked those staying in Nairobi and other major cities to halt any travels to up countries, and instead, stay in Nairobi until the ‘battle’ is over.

Mr. Kagwe also announced that Kenya has halted all passenger flights to the country, adding that the government is only allowing cargo planes, most of which are carrying charity equipments from foreign philanthropists to fight the pandemic.

Kagwe also named Nairobi, Kilifi and Mombasa as hotspots for the virus, having recorded the majority of the cases.

Additionally, the Minister also cautioned Kenyans on the serious of the virus, urging Kenyans to support the Government in the fight against the pandemic, by observing the protective guidelines.

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However, the statement could come as an irony basis on the fact that it’s the samw government that allowed flights from affected countries to land in the country.

Most of the confirmed cases has come from patients who had travelled into the country from affected countries.

So far, Kenyan has recorded one fatality case.

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