Good News as President Uhuru Reduces Time of Curfew, Bars to Re-Open

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President Uhuru Kenyatta has extended the country’s longest curfew despite days of pain and anguish.

Speaking from Nairobi on Monday 28th September, 2020, during his 12th State address, the head of state announced the 185-day curfew shall be extended for another 60 days 9.00PM.

However, the good news is that the curfew will, starting from 11.00PM to 4.00 AM and not the current 9.00PM.

The president also announced that bars and restaurants shall close at 10PM from tomorrow.

The president also hailed the entire nation in it’s efforts to curb the pandemic whose rate of infection has reduced by 10 per cent.

Here is a summary of his speech:

  • Curfew extended by 60 days
  • Curfew time to be 11pm-4am from tomorrow
  • Prohibition of operations of bars and sale of alcohol vacated
  • Close of bars and restaurants 10pm
  • Max size of church attendance increased to a third of sitting capacity
  • Attendance to weddings and funerals increased to maximum of 200
  • School resumption predicated to guidance from ministry of health & ministry of education in preparation of school calendar.

On economy:
– VAT retained 14% till 1/7/2021
– PAYE retained at 25% till 1/1/2021
– Corp tax retained at 25% till 1/1/2021
– 100% tax relief for persons earning gross monthly income of upto 24,000
– Turnover tax for all MSMSEs set at 1%
– Expedite credit guarantee scheme for MSMSEs

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