Ghost Workers, Incompetent Officers, among Reasons New Governors are Cracking Whips

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Vihiga Governor-elect Hon Wilber Ottichillo.


The recent general election held on August 8 that saw new governors take offices has delt a big blow to workers in various counties.

Workers in various sectors at County level now dread losing their jobs permanently as new governors jet in with their preferred work force.

Those who spoke on condition of anonymity claimed the new regime is edging them out if they don’t offer bribes to retain their jobs.

Already, dozens of them have lost their offices and their positions taken by new staff, rendering them jobless.

With school fees roaming in the air, house rent knocking all over the foreheads and food for families a must to secure, the affected workers are spending sleepless nights pondering the way forward as they adjust to new life out of offices.

Most of these new administrations are citing ghost manpower, unqualified staff favoured by the outgoing governors and incompetent workers as the reasons why they are hiring new workers. 

In Vihiga County for example, governor-elect Hon Wilber Ottichillo has been forced to embark on sealing corruption loopholes especially in unmasking ghost workers and has promised to send home any officer who has ever engaged in graft activities.

“l’m advising public servants who have been involved in any form of corruption to surrender their positions as early as possible,” said Gov Otichilo during his swearing in at Kidundu Stadium”.

He slammed huge borrowing of funds that have left the county “poor” with little tangible developments.

He has promised to immediately put in place a raft of measures aimed at transforming Vihiga county into an economic hub in Western region.

In Bungoma County, new Governor Hon Wycliffe Wangamati has already ordered a labour audit in all the sectors that fall under the county government including the nurses and ECD teachers 

Machakos Governor Dr Alfred Mutua was the first to hit the headlines when he suspended over 400 county workers citing incompetence at their respective work stations.

However, the Public Service Commission has warned the governors against careless firing of officers without following due process.

According to the Labour Act, any officer who had been employed by county governments under “permanent and pensionable terms” can not be fired and replaced as they are being payed by taxpayer’s money.

Only those workers who were personally attached to the outgoing regimes like county cabinet secretaries, personal drivers, personal assistants and bodyguards risk losing their jobs as the reality of new governments checks in.

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