George Floyd’s Family Reveals When and Where he Will be Buried

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The family of George Floyd, the man who was killed by a police officer in America has now revealed the date when their kin will finally be rested.

According to the family, the funeral is set to be held on 9th June in Texas, with a memorial ceremony conducted on Thursday at Minneapolis.

“In Minneapolis, there will be a memorial here Thursday, at 1 pm to 3 pm,” said attorney Ben Crump, speaking at a press conference in Minneapolis to report the findings of an independent autopsy.

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He further revealed that a memorial service will also be performed at the place of birth of George Floyd which is North Carolina.

“On Saturday, there will be a memorial service in North Carolina, where he was born, from 1 pm to 3 pm. And then on Tuesday, June 9, the funeral will take place in Houston, Texas at 11 am,” said Crump the vicar of Floyd’s family.

The family representative revealed that the outcome of the autopsy showed that Floyd was suffocated by the police officer. Crump disapproved of the claims by the official ruling that Floyd died due to his preexisting heart disorders.

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On May 27th,2020, George Floyd, a black American, was murdered by a white police officer aged 46 years old who knelt on his neck for approximately nine minutes leading to his death after almost three minutes, according to the video he was recorded.

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The suspected policeman was later arrested and charged with third-degree murder and manslaughter.

A lot of protests have been going on in America with the people calling for justice to be done on George Floyd.

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