From an Addict to an International Speaker, the story of Sam Vidambu.

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The eloquent speaker Sam Vidambu cannot hide his expression as we have this inter view, starting his story in a stylistic manner.

“My story might not come with a cup of the or coffee. My story will come with life realities. Born in a family which had a history of drug abuse addiction and depression, I never expected the genes of addiction to follow me since.”

Born in a family of six, Vidambu grew up hearing stories (Please don’t tell his dad) of how his father started using drugs when he was in high school yet he never thought that he would follow the suit.

“Growing up in a household of six while we had other relatives wasn’t easy, with all of us depending on jobless parents.”

Sam Vidambu (standing) is now an international speaker and mentor. Photo/Courtesy

The family situation encouraged Vidambu to work harder in school. Joining campus, he knew his family problems were over. He was admitted at Dedan Kimathi University in Nyeri, which is approximately 600KM from his rural home.

“I joined University being a young teenage with no knowledge about love or girls, due to my upbringing. I always knew that time for thinking about ladies wasn’t ripe.”

However, on his second year, he used to see friends flirting around with girls and wanted to be like that. He started socializing with female students from various departments of the university in the quest to get a lover.

“Time came when I had learnt all the tricks of how to talk to a girl seductively. I was in the School of Business and my first girlfriend was in the school of Engineering. I loved this girl to death!” Vidambu admits.

The relationship grew from mutual and he started lusting for the flesh, yet their plan was no sex till they exchange vows.

“I wondered if we will marry each other, then why wait? I insisted on sex and she (girlfriend) told me I wasn’t the right person for her.” Says Vidambu on his first love.

Feeling betrayed by girls he thought he loved dearly, Vidambu hated girls passionately. He went from loving girls to loving himself and soon enough, he was addicted to masturbation.

“Yes, I was now addicted to something else, which was completely different. At first I thought it was just normal buth the more I did it, the more I realized I was defiling my self. I tried as much as possible to stop it.”

On his third year, Vidambu says he reflected about his life and using Ivan Pavlov’s technique, he successfully stopped masturbation, after months of slavery.

“I could now go to class peacefully, talk to friends normally and even see girls as friends. I lived a good life henceforth.”

Vidambu acknowledges that masturbation is a real issue, having encountered with thousands of youths who were addicted to it, though he helped them stop.
“I have also helped other drug addicts to substance abuse. including smoking, gambling, drunkenness, sex,social media among others.”

Having discovered his purpose, he is now an international speaker, a mentor, CEO and Director at Ambigen Group, and Vice President at One Million Mentors (one million

Sam Vidambu has done a lot of interviews, sharing his stories and mentoring young people. Photo/File

“I have also shared my story in many radios, televisions and newspaper articles on how to stop addition. Whatever you are addicted to,you can stop it. It’s not easy but you can stop it!” Insists Vidambu while giving his closing remarks.

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