Former Gubernatorial Aspirant Jimmy Nduruchi Narrates How he Struggled to Save John Gift’s Life

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Former Bungoma Gubernatorial aspirant Jimmy Nduruchi PHOTO/FILE

A former Gubernatorial Aspirant in Bungoma County has narrated how he sacrificed his night to save the life of comedian John Gift.

Mr Jimmy Wakhungu Nduruchi, who was also the main financer for the departed comedian, has expressed his shock in losing a talent he had nurtured since noticing the young man’s ability in the theatre industry.

In an interview with Wakajuanes.Com, Mr Nduruchi says he was at a church function in Kitale on Sunday evening when John Gift communicated to him that he was feeling unwell and admitted to Kiminini Cottage Hospital in Trans Nzoia County.

“John Gift was to come to Kitale for a church choir function but as the sun was setting, I got a communication from him about his deteriorating condition and because this is a boy I know and as a good samaritan, I rushed to the hospital to help in the situation.” Mr Nduruchi Narrates.

“When I reached there, I was shocked to see John Gift in pain. He had just come from Bungoma where I’m told he was shooting his videos with a group of friends in the morning hours when he later developed the complications on his way coming to Kitale in the evening. So I’m not sure what really happened to him on the way because I was busy with our church activity,” he adds.

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According to Nduruchi, the Kiminini Hospital did not at first establish the real cause of the University of Eldoret student’s suffering and so he personally paid for the bill of Sh10,000 and rushed him to Kory Hospital in Bungoma town.

At Kory, Nduruchi says, John Gift tested positive for Malaria and low blood sugar as well as high blood pressure contrary to the findings at Kiminini Hospital.

“At Kory, the doctor said they would first stabilise his insulin level before now treating him but looking at the pain John was going through and the running time, we transferred him to Bungoma Referral Hospital at around 11.PM but there was no one to serve us as doors were already closed and lights switched off.”

“To avoid wasting time, I rushed my boy to LifeCare where the doctors read cardiac arrest at around 11.30PM where they quickly applied what we call Cardiac Pulmonary Resuscitation (CPR) for close to four hours.

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“During the whole night, I was with John Gift – not even an inch away from him. This was like my own son because I have been funding his comedy activities. I was confident that the doctors would save his life.

But at around 4.30am on Monday, the doctors asked to take him to ICU. At this time, his sister Joyce Masinde had arrived.

She thanked me for standing with their kin and agreed to sign with the hospital and Gift was admitted to the ICU where he was later pronounced dead at half past ten in the morning. It’s really sad, Wakajuaness.” Nduruchi recalls as he occasionally goes silent on the other side of the phonecall before proceeding with the narration.

Mr Nduruchi, who runs an NGO that seeks to empower the less privileged in the society, vied for the Bungoma Gubernatorial seat in the 2017 general election but lost to Governor Wycliffe Wangamati.

Some social media users had asked if Nduruchi knows anything relating to John Gift’s life.

“I’ve seen some posts about me but surely, as I have explained, I’m personally green on what happened to John Gift when he was in Bungoma because I was away in Kitale. Two, the doctors themselves have not come clear to give us a comprensive report on the possible death of this wonderful artist, leaving us in total darkness. Only an autopsy will tell.”

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Before his death, John “Gift” Simiyu Masinde had told Lwanda Junction WhatsApp group in a guest interview that he has an individual who has been funding his comedy activities but did not mention the name, a story that was also published by this blog.

Thousands of his fans have taken to social media to express their shock in the sudden death of such a rising star whose fame had just propelled to the skies within two months of starting his comedy career.

The body of the late is being preserved at Lifecare hospital.

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