Ford Kenya Woes Escalate as Wetang’ula Fights to Save Self

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Embattled Ford Kenya party Leader Moses Wetang’ula is headed for tough times ahead after party supporters in Bungoma and Trans Nzoia counties disowned him.

The Senator is also seeming being painted as dishonest with his tribulations linked to his association with Deputy President William Ruto and the 2022 succession politics.

Speaking on West FM Radio, party Secretary General Dr. Eseli Simiyu said all Ford Kenya MPs apart from himself, Hon. Wamunyinyi and Hon. Alago Olouch were supporting Dr. William Ruto’s presidential bid.

“Wetang’ula has been holding night meetings with William Ruto. I even attended one of the meetings in which Ruto was openly insulting our community and its leadership. I left but Wetang’ula kept sending Ford Kenya MPs to Ruto,” said Eseli.

Wetang’ula who is at the brink of being dislodged as Party Leader after the registrar of political parties Anne Nderitu gave notice of intention to remove him has lost the support of branch leaders from the two counties considered to be the party bedrock.

Only last week, Wetang’ula was suspended by National Executive Council Members and his place taken Kanduyi MP WafulaWamunyiyi in acting capacity.

Dr. Eseli said the party membership has made a decision to remove Wetang’ula so that the party can be revamped in readiness for the 2022 General Elections.

He said the ground has shifted considerably in their favor and that is why Wetang’ula has resorted to underhand dealings including bribery and intimidation of delegates and National Executive Council Members.

He said the decision to remove Wetang’ula was arrived at following an outcry from branch officials in party strongholds of Bungoma and Trans Nzoia counties. Similar complaints were also received in relation to Kitui, Taveta and Mombasa branches according to Eseli.

He added that the intention of the changes made in the leadership is to take Ford Kenya party back to its owners who are the people and expand their democratic space.

“Officials in our branches complained that the party leader has been out of touch with them. They have organized many meetings and invited Wetang’ula to address their grievances but he (Wetang`ula) has been unavailable,” said Eseli.

Dr. Eseli further pointed out that nominations of candidates during elections has all along been a sham with Wetang’ula handpicking those he wants to fly the party flag.

“As Secretary General, my role had been reduced to signing documents after the party leader handpicked his cronies and those who buy tickets to contest. He has weakened and killed the party,” he said.

Dr. Eseli said that his power as Secretary General had been taken over by Wetang’ula who has been running the party affairs single handedly.

He pointed out that previous attempts to address the grievances fell on deaf ears with Wetang’ula refusing to convene any meeting to raise complaints raised members.

“We tried all avenues within the party to work with Wetang’ula but they all failed. We can’t work with him as party leader. We shall take action against him including expulsion from the party if he continues intimidating our members,” he said.

He pointed out that the law and party constitution had been followed to the latter and that is why the registrar had given intention to have Wetang’ula removed as party leader in the Kenya gazette.
Speaking separately on Sulwe FM, Bungoma Governor Wycliffe Wangamati said they will never work with Wetang`ula as party leader.

He pointed out that Wetang’ula has disagreed with all leaders from the region and he is now a lone ranger.

“He disagreed with Governor Oparanya, GovernorKhaemba and now me. He spent the better part of his previousterm as Senator and antagonizing Governor Lusaka. The four leaders can’t all be bad. There must be a problem with Wetang’ula and his leadership style,” said Wangamati.

He pointed out that he has tried his best ever since he was elected to work with Wetang’ula but it had hit a dead end and there is no turning back on it now.

“I know he wants to run for Governor. He is free to come and contest in the primaries an ordinary member of Ford Kenya without the advantage of being party leader,” he said.

The Bungoma Governor pointed out that Wetangula has been hiding behind the fight for corruption and oversight to intimidate him and create scandals to campaign for himself ahead of 2022.

The Governor said the Senator is a dishonest leader who can’t be trusted because he always turns on his word.

He faulted the recent changes in the leadership of the party in Bungoma County Assembly pointing that there was no agreement to replace the former leaders led by Majority Leader Florence Wekesa.

“He never consulted anybody. He simply woke up and proposed the changes. He was bribed the MCAs to sing to his tune and endorsed his officials without involving any party

member or myself as Governor,” he said.

Wangamati said he was surprised when Wetang’ula rejected a vehicle he had demanded to be purchased for his use as Senator at the County and instead turn it around and claim he was being bribed to go slow on the jerricans scandal.

Meanwhile, Wetang’ula has moved to the High Court seeking the overturning of his dismissal.

The RPP had given him seven days to file a complain.

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