Ethnic Hatred will Destroy our Lasting Brotherhood

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Bungoma Township Ward aspirant Hon Ben Ben Karuga reaches out to residents to preach peace. (PHOTO: Simiyu Simiyu).

By Simiyu Simiyu 

The clouds are gathering faster than the word fast itself. The sky

is watching us down with sypmathy and sorrow. The wind is running away as

we near the next general elections in 2017. The ever-watchful sky is

worried not because we are nearing the August polls but because it’s

approaching faster at a time when tribal hating is escalating with every breath.

But is this not time to reflect on this big far we have come?

We have lived together as neighbours, brothers and sisters. We’ve never

chosen neighbours nor rejected tenants nor landlords because we do not

share the same tribe.

We’ve conducted businesses together, exchanged goods and services without

hitches. We never turn away customers who are not from our tribe.

We drop our kids at school in the safe hands of our hard-working but shyly

enumerated teachers. We never request the headteachers to bar some teachers

from attending to our children because they do not come from our tribes.

When terrorists attack our dear country, they don’t chose who to shoot.

They don’t chose a tribe or a community. When we get injured, we never

question the tribe of the good Samaritans before ‘allowing’ them to rush us

to the nearest medical centres.

When we reach those hospitals, the medical staff rushes in haste to attend

to us. Whether unconscious or not, we don’t have time to ask them whether

they share the same community with us so before allowing them to treat us.

When still in those delicate situations needing blood transfusion, we never

order the nurses to vessel us with blood donated only by members from our


Those of us who own beautiful cars (somebody remove me from this list

please, thanks) can testify. When your car breaks down in the middle of a

journey and passers-by stop to help re-start the engine, you never ask them

to spell their tribe before accepting them to give that free, helping hand.

As an artist -a comic scriptwriter and stage director, how I cherish this

field of theatre is amazing.

When scripting, I chose a particular setting, creat my own characters

assortedly reflecting various communities. I never ignore to highlight a

particular ethnicity bacause it doesn’t belong to me.

During auditions, my crew and I pick the best talent to star in our

stage-plays. We never sideline certain actors and actresses because they

are from a tribe our politicians don’t “agree” with.

Our fans call, visit and order advance tickets from all corners of the

nation. On the material day, they flood our social hall like a river that

has broken its banks. We never turn away members of the audience from particular tribes or

communities. Nothing inspires me like seeing hundreds of friends,

relatives, families, communities- all hords of humanity, storm our

auditorium to watch, laugh, laugh and cheer a play I’ve scripted.

You always want to know how special they treasure you for your plays to

attract such amazing attendance. I’m overcome by emotions. I just secretly

wipe those tears of joy as I congratulate myself and crew for using our

humble talent to unite the nation is such a manner.

Come Sundays, we share the same churches, sing the same hymns and dance to

the same Almighty. Faithfuls can walk out of a surmon to attend to an

emergence call but not because the brethren preaching on the pulpit is not

from their tribe.It is amazingly wonderful how we can’t do without each

other as brothers and sisters.

Yet our political leaders obsessed with cruel power want to take away what

belongs to us- the word PEACE- that we have enjoyed every sunrise we have


The power they want is not for us. It is for them. They want power to grab

more public land and protect their already grabbed ranches in the outskirts

of the cities.

They want this power to loot public funds meant for you and me besides

coming from the tax you and I pay.

This political power, to them, is their free world to escape their heinous

thuggery and political assassinations.

With power, they can kill you and I, rape your sister working as

their secretary, impregnant your wife and children, close up their zips and walk

back into their free world, looking for more sins to commit. No one can

touch them, even the constitution they claim to follow.

Once they lie to you and I to turn against each other, their heavy

security whisks them away to their palacial hotels they acquired through

looting the tax you and I pay, leaving you and my family in shackles of

bloodshed and shambles of poverty, not knowing where to start from.

The love we had that led us to inter-marry and the friendship we enjoyed is

no more. They women we married (I’m talking from the male perspective) and

the “tribeless” children we gave birth to become the most innocently


Fellow Kenyans, and fellow world reading this article I’m writing from a

corner in the kitchen because it is two rooms away from where the tv set

is to concentrate on this piece of writing, we will be judged by how loyal and obedient we were to our murderous


We will lose nothing by turning against each other the same we will gain

nothing by turning against each other.

Never shall we again allow what happened in Germany in the 1940s during the

Holocast where over six million Jews were butchered, nor lately in South

Sudan where over ten thousand were hacked to death following power conflict

between President Salvar Kiir and his Vice President Riek Machar nor in our

own Kenya where 1,133 civilians lost their precious lives after disputed 2007

elections nor in the famous 1994 Rwanda genocide where nearly a million Hutus

and Tutsis massacred each other in tribal clashes.

It’s possible to say, “NEVER AGAIN” and continue belonging to each other as

we’ve always. LONG LIVE KENYA. Long live fellow Kenyans.

NB: This article was first written for Blazing Magazine,a product of Churchblaze Group Org where this writer is a columnist.

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