Emotions Cloud Village as Form Two Rugby Student Stabbed by Colleague is Laid to Rest

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Mourners during a burial function of the late Austin Disii Aligula in Mahanga village, Vihiga County. PHOTO/SIMIYU WAKAJUANESS 

Emotions ran high in Mahanga village, Hamisi Sub-County in Vihiga County as parents, relatives and friends struggled to contain the sight of their loved son lowered into his grave today, Saturday. 
Austin Disii Aligula met his death on the Wednesday of 17th October 2018 when a scuffle with a fellow student ensued, making one of the teachers to summon them to the staffroom for a ‘displinary action’.

According to Austin’s classmate who spoke to Wakajuanes.Com but whose name we will not disclose, the conflict ensued after the late accussed the attacker of allegedly selling him a ‘dead’ memory-card.

The late Austin Disii. PHOTO/FAMILY

But as they were waiting for the teacher in the staffroom, little did Austin know that the rival had sneaked into the office m with a knife, stabbing the rugby player on the left shoulder and damaging his blood vessels, heart and lungs.

Unfortunately, not even the first aid administered by teachers and students could save Austin from marking his 6th day after enjoying his 17th birthday. 
The incident interrupted learning at Lugusi Secondary School immediately the school principal Mr Charles Kokonya announced the sad news to the students. 

His parents – Mr Hudson Isiaho and Mrs Ann Masaba – eulogised their eldest and only son amongest four siblings as hardworking and respectful who did not deserve such a brutal death. 

“Our son died a very painful death, words cannot express this loss. You were snatched away from us, Austin,” said his emortional mum as she paused after every sentence to contain her deep breath. 

Mr Kokonya, who was also present at the burial, apologised to the family for the ugly scene as he led his staff and students in paying tribute to the departed student. 

“On behalf of the entire school, I take this opportunity to regret the incident and apologise to the family. Everyone at Lugusi Secondary could have wished to save Austin from this danger and we tried our best but in vain.” Mr Kokonya told the mourners as Austin’s school mates broke into tears while the weather prepared to frown. 

His rugby team mates performed a haka , a routine pre-match morale booster, before the mourners with a banner and T-shirts branded #BoyzTuko, #Namba8Yuko, #AustinYuko in solidarity with their fallen hero. 

The suspect is currently being held at the Malava Police Station. 

Education Cabinet Secretary Dr Amina Mohamed has since called for an intense probe into the circumstances under which the incident happened. 

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