Emotional Sirisia Politician Moses Nandalwe Narrates how Cheating Wife has Plunged him into Depression

The Sirisia politician Moses Nandalwe has gone to Facebook to narrate how his ‘cheating wife’ has plunged him into depression.

In a post published on Monday, the youthful ODM activist shocked his supporters when he shared a court order reportedly engineered by his estranged first wife.

In the order, Mr. Nandalwe claims the once charming wife has compelled the politician to be paying her Sh60,000 per month despite refusing to sign for divorce papers.

Here is his long post:

Court papers from my first wife Elizabeth Werre have gone viral on social media. This is the situation:

1. You forcibly marries a man through blackmail make sure all the dowry paid to your dad. The man works hard for you to stay well.

2. You then refuse to support the husband in everything including wifely roles like cooking nor laundry. You become unruly, non submissive and parroty. You fail to cook for your own kids. They are fed and dressed by Russia 2 (Nandalwe calls his wives as Russia 1 and Russia 2 with Russia being the nickname for his Sirisia rural home). Thatcher doesnt know her real mother because she is always an absentee in everything. 

3. You become a cheater with more than three men including your hubby’s pilots.

4. Whenever you want to go see these men you create problems then leave for one month or two, sometimes a year then you come back. Your man cooks for himself.

5. You take the phone number of your hubby’s employer without consent and start calling him all the time. Finally you ask him to give you a job and fire your husband( Heartless and cheap). I appreciate Atwoli coz he told her there is no way he could employ someone’s wife without consent of the husband who happens to be his staff.

6. Late November 2020 you write a message to your hubby that you are leaving. You become unmanageable in the compound, insist to leave,the hubby allows driver to drop you home.

7. In two weeks the hubby gets court order compelling him to be paying you 60k every month plus releasing the kids to you. In all that you had blocked me, i find another line to call. You decline talking to me politely, you shout at the top of your voice and ask me to address you through your’ lawyer’ .

8. The advocate handling the matter is the man whom you stayed with 2 years before you met the current hubby.You have continued having an illicit affair while in marriage. He has caused rifts in the family that let to your husband marrying second wife.

9. In short Russia 1 wants me to be paying rent for her with the lover in Nairobi as well stay together with my two kids Margaret Thatcher and Mother Teresa 😭

10. Clips in our possession:Russia 1 then asks my opponent to pay legal fees to her “advocate ” because she is really assisting politically.

11.For the last seven years you have been going and coming back over 50 times.

12. You have declined to sign divorce papers since and two you dont want to stay in marriage.You want to continue using your hubby’s name. Incase you face hardships you come back because your hubby has a good heart.

13. Whenever she leaves my compound she blocks me everywhere that we cant communicate. Her father and brother pleaded with her to go back home raise kids without success. She is hell bent on destroying me.

14. She will only coperate when we are eating into my investments but she will never corperate help me invest. She leaves me when broke, come back when i have money.

15. You are my witness, i havent been in the constituency campaigning since November last year because of DEPRESSION occasioned by these developments. My kid Thatcher is my everything. Releasing her will leave me badly damaged. But if its her condition i will not fight with law. I will pray and forgive.

16. Whenever she wrongs me, she believes in pack and go than ask for forgiveness. Its primitive but thats what i pass through. SORRY isn’t in her vocabulary. 

For you to prove that she is being used on a wrong cause , Non of her family members right from the dad, her brother and sisters are supporting her because they dont see any fault on my side. We relate well.

Her objective is for me to fail politically, also make sure she comes in between myself and my boss so that I get fired. She is a lady who celebrates my downfall. 

I dont talk about my private life but such a lady might even kill me take over property.

I therefore declined to participate nor send my lawyer Prof. Tom Ojienda to defend me. Its difficult to argue with a man who ‘owns’ your wife.

I will however comply with the outcome of the court and giver her what she wants. The rest i leave for God as i continue to work for the people of Sirisia constituency. 

Now my critics have gotten reasons why i rarely talk about Russia 1 here.


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