Drama as Bungoma’s New Public Admin Chief Officer Abidan Kapchanga is Bungled Out of Office

Bungoma County Chief Officer - Public Administration- Mr. Abidan Kapchanga when he was being sworn into office on August 28, 2020. GRAPHICS/SIMIYU WAKAJUAJESS

(Bungoma County Chief Officer – Public Administration- Mr. Abidan Kapchanga when he was being sworn into office on August 28, 2020. GRAPHICS/SIMIYU WAKAJUAJESS)

There was drama at the Bungoma County offices when close to twenty unidentified youths stormed the office of the new Chief Officer and literally ejected him.

The incident, which took place on Monday afternoon, saw the angry youths bungle out Mr. Abidan Kimkerick Kapchanga out of his own office after he refused to address him.

According to an eye witness, the youths had gone to inquire from the Chief Officer about today’s Mashujaa Celebration programme where  Governor Wycliffe Wafula Wangamati will preside over the rotational fete at Matulo in Webuye West.

Normally, the said youths do help in logistics among them VIP escort, extra-security and crowd management during public functions. They normally get in touch with the available Chief Officer – Public Administration – for the unofficial services.

However, when the team visited his office yesterday, the former banker dismissed them immediately, not bothering to know who they are nor consulting with colleagues on how such matters are handled by the county.

It’s at this juncture that the irate 20 youths stormed his office and ejected Kapchanga from his still-new-office, causing drama at the County offices.

A one of the youths involved in the fracas told this writer that since coming into office, the Cheptais Secondary School alumni has been so arrogant to the members of the public whenever they reach out to his office for services.

Huyu jamaa ako na madharau sana kwa watu ndani ya hiyo office yake, amesahau hiyo ni afisi ya kushugulikia mashwala yote ya umma, ndio maana inaitwa Public Office – This is so arrogant to the public whenever they visit his office, he has forgotten that that’s a public office to serve the public, thus, the name Public Administration,” said the caller who asked not to be named.

According to another source within the County offices, most staff members have also complained of the MBA’s behaviour, fearing that he could draw residents away from the Governor. In fact, she said, Kapchanga was set up by a fellow Chief Officer who was also fed up with his arrogance to people.

“The colleague Chief Officer wanted to see how he would handle these boys, so he gave them some money on behalf of Kapchanga to cool them down but still directed them to Kapchanga’s office,” said the lady.

According to the  source, Kapchanga, being an amateur in handling such public matters, embarrassingly fell into the trap.

Mr Kapchanga was appointed into the office on August 28, 2020, having come from the corporate world where issues are handled professionally. A Linkedin account bearing his exact names shows that until his devolved appointment, he was a Business Development Manager at Co-operative Bank.

The account  also shows that he worked as FOSA Supervisor at Elgon Teachers SACCO Ltd from January 2003-Dec 2004.

Kapchanga’s corporate training should now try to infuse the political public where his office has to deal with all manner of people from online goons to bouncers to heads of institutions to the media as well as the business community.

After all, every County Government has such youths and dealing with them becomes an order of the day.

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