Dr Mukhwana on the Spot as Students at his Sacred Training Institute Fail to Graduate Years Later

Former students of sacred training institute have cried foul after failing to graduate years after clearing studies.

The students allege that the Director Dr. Juma Mukhwana, who is also the CEO of KNQA, has been dodging them after collecting full school fees from them and promising a graduation at Moi university.

One of the students, Khamala Sifuna, stated how his parents had sold their only half an acre piece of land to pay for his school fees only to be duped.

“It’s painful that I was duped out of the whole process after my father had sold the only half acre of land. I paid full fees but failed to graduate and this has had a negative effect on my life and family,” Said Khamala.

A parent narrated how it was made impossible by the administration not to sit exams without clearing the high fees charged only to miss out on graduation without clear explanation.

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“I sold the whole herd of cattle to pay school fees for my daughter only for her to fail to graduate and remain jobless.” Said Joseph Nyongesa, a parent.

The allegations come at the backdrop of the government cracking a whip on colleges offering sub-standard training.

Ironically, Dr.Mukhwana is the head of the Kenya National Qualifications Authority, an agency tasked with quality assurance in the education sector.


This is a perfect example of corporate predators, a vice that had taken root in Kenya’s education sector.

Generations of Kenyans have been told that their best shot at opportunities is to get at least a diploma or ideally a degree. The famous tune on our national radio station KBC must be still fresh in our minds:

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Someni vijana, baada ya masomo mtapata kazi njuri sana”.

A lot of folks took that advice to heart and went for it, sometimes at great cost to themselves and their families.

The truth is that a lot of people signed up at colleges and universities that promised them a great education and a great future when in truth the certicates, diplomas and degrees they were offering weren’t worth of much of anything.

Sacred Training institute whose proprietor was Dr. Mukhwana was such a predator promising students that they would graduate from Moi University but after collecting tuition and examination fees for a few years, he quietly closed down the college.

Questions are being raised how such a person was entrusted with looking after the National Qualification Authority.The ghosts at Sacred Training institute are now haunting him and threaten to expose him as unfit to head such a regulatory body in education.

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However, in his defense, Dr. Mukhwana claims that it was just a small fraction of the students who didn’t graduate.

Speaking on a local radio station, Dr.Mukhwana pointed out that 118 students didn’t graduate and was trying to have them graduate at Moi university this year.

Students are awaiting the promise but wonder if he will fulfill the promise given that it’s over almost 5 years when such promises were first made.

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