Dr. Masafu Gets Boost from Babaasaba Clan for Bungoma Senatorial Seat

Dr. George Masafu’s (above, centre) bid for the Bungoma Senatorial seat received a major boost when the members of the Babaasaba clan announced their support for him.

The Babaasaba clan in Bungoma County unanimously endorsed the candidature of the Kenyan ambassador to Congo for the coveted seat.

Speaking after a meeting with leaders of the 36 branches, the clan president Bonventure Makhanu said after thorough brainstorming meetings that they have settled on Dr. Masafu, saying that he is best placed to advocate for the development of the people of Bungoma.

“Having served in different capacities at local and international level, it is now his opportunity to serve the people of Bungoma,” said Mzee Makhanu.

Makhanu added that being one of the clans that has spread across the County, the Babaasaba clan have the capacity to martial support to ensure he clinches the seat in 2022.

His sentiments were echoed by mother Magret who said Ambassador Masafu has proved to be a certified leader as his past record shows.

“If elected as the Senator for Bungoma County, Dr. Masafu will be in a position to serve the people of Bungoma better,” she said.

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