Citizen TV’s Senior Reporter Tests Positive for Coronavirus

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Citizen TV’s reporter who has been on the forefront covering Coronavirus updates has tested positive for COVID-19.

Stephen Letoo tested positive for the coronavirus after visiting Nairobi Hospital for the exercise.

Speaking to the Star on Friday, Letoo said it the news was devastating as he did not have any symptoms when he decided to go to Nairobi Hospital and get tested on Thursday.

Citizen TV's Stephen Letoo. PHOTO/FILE
Citizen TV’s Stephen Letoo. PHOTO/FILE

“I did not have any signs and even now I don’t have any signs. I am fine and I have my appetite like before. You might even think that I am pretending,” he said.

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“I can’t trace and explain how I got it but upon doing the tests at Nairobi Hospital, it turned out that I had contacted the virus,” he added.

The reporter said the traumatic experience of being isolated and even having the tests done, is something he would not wish anybody to go through.

The reporter is currently under home-based care.

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“I just ask Kenyans to be more careful. It is sad when you can’t trace where you got it from. I am doing well and I am under medication at home,” he said.

Just like the medics, Letoo says it is difficult for journalists because they are in the front line and are much exposed.
“We are at the front line to get the story out there. We are too much exposed,” he said.

The journalist says his wife is also in the process of doing the tests.

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His message to other journalists is to be more careful as the virus is spreading very quickly.


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